To all you poor sufferers, can you tell me what

Medication you take? I currently take Dihydrocodiene, paracetamol &


Debs xx

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  • hi xx i take tramadol, nortriptyline, xx

  • Hi Debs,

    I take Amitriptyline, tramadol & gabapentin.

    C xx

  • Hi Debs,

    I am currently taking Pregabalin , Duloxetine, Pramiprexole, Tramadol, & B12 tablets also sometimes Busopan for cramps & Naproxen for heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis)


  • Hi debs I've had fibro approx 7 yrs and to date my gp's knowledge and management of the condition has been poor. Ive had an initial trial 7 yes ago on amitriptyline which was unsucessful and after that nothing!!! I take occassional paracetomol when the pain becomes unbearable but it doesnt come even close to taking the edge off.

    Im intending to go back to gp and ask for a referal to both a rumologist with knowledge of fibro and a pain management clinic. I have only found out that these types of services are available, via this site and the other fibro suffers who post blogs, which is frankly a disgrace and indicitive of the state of our NHS.

    Dixie x

  • Hi Debs, i to have had this condition for many years but was officially diagnosed by reumatologist 7 years ago he said the good news is you dont have any of the nasties and you wont die from this condition, but the bad news is you have fybro and there is no cure. i was given no info apart from a couple of leaflets to read, lol i have read up on this condition, and have been on many of the meds amytriptilyne, duloxotine,lyrica, all had pretty nasty side effects, i am on cocodamol, dyhidracodiene low dose diazepam diclofanic, and it does take the edge of but im atill in AGONY AND CONSTANT PAIN I HAVE OTHER MEDICAL CONDITIONS, i attend the pain clinic but talking shops dont help if you know what you are dealing with, i did get a bath chair and bought a stairlift otherwise i am housebound i use crutches to get around at home but this too is painful.

    im at the end of my tether, on monday i go to see a clinical psychologist, not that i have any great faith in this, but i have waited a year and a half to get this appointment..i just wish i could die this pain is horrendouse and relentless.. i hope you get some pain relief and some respite from this awful condition. gentle hugs friend and im going to ask to be reffered to a rehumatologist again and see what they say..xx

  • Hi Pinot, my heart goes out to you! I know where you are coming from, it is relentless & drives me mad & I quite off wish I wasn't here. It scares me how

    I am going to end up, which is obviously very much like you.

    I hope the rhumetologist can offer you something. Please let me know how

    You get on.

    Take care xxx

  • Dear Dixie,

    I hope you manage to get the two referrals you mentioned above. If not, you can ask for another opinion from a GP within your practice or alternatively move to another practice. I know this shouldn't be the case but I'm afraid you hear of these sorts of problems regularly. I , myself had to change Dr surgeries.

    I have been fortunate to have had a Guys , London - FMS Clinic Referral on the NHS under Prof.Davies. This is often difficult to get this kind of referral as the funding comes from the PCT pot of funds apparently (so I have been told) . I only hope in the future this referral is more widely for people living with Fibromyalgia, as it should be.

    Please do in the meantime push for the Rheumatology and the Pain Clinic Referrals. As these were the first Consultants I saw and the Pain Consultant really helped me.

    Wishing you all the best


  • Hi there I am on pregablin ,amittriptiline,duloxetine,propranolol,buscopan,tramadol and paracetamol and my pain is fairly manageable now.

  • I don't take anything any more for specific symptoms of my Fibro (I used to rattle with all the meds I was prescribed - Hydroxychloroquinine, Tramadol, Diclofenac, Dosulepin, Amitriptyline to name but a few!

    I only take pain relief now and feel much better for it. For my pain I take Co-Codamol and Methocarbamol. I take Pizotifen to help with my migraines. :)

  • HIYA i take amiytriptline 70mg and gabapentin 1200mg but its not helping been to gp and have got morphien oxy norm and oxy contin to take depending on the level of pain but they dont help so now waiting for some other things to try, I also have to see pain management

  • Wow, that's a lot if medication, poor you. Your

    pain levels must be really high. How does fibro

    effect you? Xx

  • I take tramadol slow-release and top up if I need to, with a combination of one paracetomol and one ibuprofen (the enteric coated one). I've tried the Gabapentin and Pregbalin the Pain Clinic prescribed, but couldn't tolerate the side-effects long enough to get any benefit from it.

  • God, all this medication scares me! Does Tramadol

    make you drowsy? My husband had some for a back

    Injury & they laid him out flat!

    What are the side effects, lots of you mentioned

    the side effects were bad?

  • All I take is Amitriptyline, my second road trip on it as they stopped working. And they are still not working xxxxx

  • Amitryptyline works most of the time for me unless im in severe

    pain then it doesn't, so I guess it depends on pain levels? Xxx

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