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Can anyone help me. How can I prove I have ME so that I am able to claim esa. Unlike fibro The symptoms usually hit me after I have done too much, sometimes several days later. I am now struggling with a full time job but according to the new rules I will not be eligible to claim tax credits if I give up working for myself (don't earn enough from it to live on) unless I work 30hrs a week. If i have to have an assesment to claim esa I am worried that I will not get it as the symptoms of ME are hard to prove.

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I went to GP in January she insisted I went off sick i reluctantly agreed not expecting to end up being still off 10 months later I worked full time 36 hours per week I went to have a chat to my gp about see my consultant and lack of an appointment,and she told me I needed to rest I would never have gone off had i known what was going to happen,do u have anything else besides ME as I have that in conjunction with other conditions , have u applied for pip I suggest u Chat to your GP about a pain and fatigue clinic and About how you are feeling and go from there .i must add my body has just shut down I am not sure I would still be here if gp hadn't stepped in the way she did ,just be honest with gp take care ,shadow x


By the way don't give up your job , talk to cAB as well but you do need to start with gp ,sorry if I am repeating my self but the place to start with GP and how unwell you are there are procedures you have to follow I did not go to doctors thinking about ESA I knew nothing about benefits and to be honest I still don't I just won't to live and it seems this is ,if your having problems at home make sure you let you GP know everything is relevant ,good luck shadow. X


Hi shadows-walker. The full time job I have is voluntary. I started volunteering for the red cross 3 yrs ago initially working 1 morning a week and when i was needed as I could not find a job. 6 months after I started the red cross opened up a second shop in the town. The deputy manager of the shop I was working in was asked to manage the new shop and she didn't have enough volunteers so I started to wok full time so she had enough help in the shop. I am now looking to move house as i live with my parents. As for the self employment i make no money from it and am fed up with all the paper work and general hassle that comes with it. I wouldn't get enough help with living costs if I stayed on tax credits so I need a proper job but don't feel able to work full time anymore. I am now going to sound like a hypercondriac i also have scoliosis, spina bfida and hydrochephalus but generally they don't affect me too much apart from a bit of pain and sometimes concentration and memory problems.


Hi u don't sound like a hypercondriac as you have real problems with real diagnosis, I am afraid the only advise as I said before is GP , CAB , as I understand it , ESA is income related or contribution based , I can only suggest the above hang on in there I an sure there are answers out there for you but I am afraid this the only advise I can give you good luck. Shadow


Hi. I am sure I can sort something out.


Hi bluejeans16

I agree with shadows-walker, as going to see your GP and getting signed off sick would be a good start if you cannot manage to work for now. If after this you still cannot go to work it may help if your GP would back you with a claim for both ESA and PIP?

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


If You go for ESA even though it says that you can work. It does not state fully that the conditions it is under. It can only be with approved companies or charities or councils on approved jobs while claiming ESA. Now if you are then put on the work related side of ESA then if you do work under these rules, they can then state that you are capable of work so will be moved over to JSA and be back at square one. If you do not then actively look for work you will be sanctioned and have no money at all.

PIP comes under a different test criteria and has 2 levels and 2 components of which you can have any one of each or just one of them. With PIP you are not means tested and can work without sanction. But at the moment it is taking forever to get though the claim process (13 months average)

I would highly recommend that you get your GP on-board and also speak to CAB or AGEUK if you are over 50 to help with the forms. DO Not do them over the phone with the DWP you will not answer them in the way you should!

Be Well


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