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i had an upper endoscopy yesterday and they found i had gastritis. I stil don't know the reason why because i have to wait for biopsies back. I am certain i have ibs because I have all the symptoms but it is my gastro doc who has to diagnose it. This is the reason why i have had the endoscopy. i was expecting everything to be fine so that the doc could diagnose me with ibs (i thought this way because they cann't prove I have ibs with an endescopy).

I know it's normal to have ibs with fibro but it's gastritis also common for fibro sufferers?

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I thought gastritus was a complaint which cleared up, you are being sick, usually bile.I have IBS, I got ready to go xmas shopping, then IBS started,so I've been stuck in house to be near the loo. I hope you get your problem sorted out


Gastritis literally means inflammation of the stomach. It can be related to reflux disease and also stomach ulcers. You may get it from throwing up repeatedly, perhaps because of medication, or you can get it without this.

Gastroenteritis is usually caused by an infection.

Having IBS makes you at higher risk of developing reflux disease and gastritis, as I understand. And IBS is very common amongst people with Fibro. Some medications prescribed for people with Fibro can lead to gastritis as well, including NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, and Pramipexole.


gastritis is very painful and like has been said is often caused by acid reflux. certain foods make it worse as well as meds. I can no longer take any kind if anti inflamatory drugs. I used to take diclofenac and was left on them too long without any proper checks done


It can be seen by camera as the lining of the stomach would be inflamed. I went for that a few years back and came out with a Hiatus Hernia, Esophagul scarring, stomach scarring and stomach and duodenal ulcers. I would say I had come off lightly because I was mid cancer scare but the biopsies came back okay but I have been told I am at risk of stomach cancer. I also have IBS. I would not worry too much about it. They rule out other things before they will confirm IBS, best to be safe xxxxx


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