Hi all,

Today i have a case of bad cramping in my stomach. It goes right into my back. I really wish doctors would understand us and the Fibromyalgia, IBS and the CFS. How long will it take for a cure to get to the uk?

I really wish i didn't have this fibro/cfs/me.

I wish i could just get on with my daily life but i can't.

Why doesn't someone help us?

From Kerry29

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  • Sadly I don't think anywhere in the world there is a cure for FMS, they would need to discover what causes it first before they could find a cure. I get emails from FMS groups in the USA and i see just the same problems there as we have here.

    I think it's a case of learning to live with it.

  • No cure anywhere, but there are treatments and strategies that can work.

    Re the IBS, one of our PAB members, Heather van Vorous, is the author of 'IBS: The First Year' and 'Eating for IBS', both of which are brilliant - evidence based, comprehensive and written by a patient who has been there. They are often available in local libraries, or Heather has a lot of advice freely available on her website helpforibs.com/

  • Hi ,I have had it about 13 - 15 & they I mean doctors are not really any further on, I run a support group & it was the best thing I did because i learn more from talking with others, sorry you are suffering sop much today , have you tried mint capsules on a regular basis , take care

  • Hi Clarkey,

    No i haven't tried that yet. Thankyou. I will do now. Is polos the same? as they make me go.

  • Hiya All,

    Yes i will look on the website and as soon as i can buy the book, I will. Thankyou for all your Interventions. I can't help but cry sometimes with the pain.

    Do you all work for Them then? H

  • no not polos actual mint capsules from the chemist ,they work for me , i now buy them from health food shops either in powder form or capsules , no harm in trying , good luck i hope yoou get some relief

  • Hi,

    Ok. Thankyou for your help. I will get some tomorrow or in the week as soon as i can get to the pharmacy. Thankyou for your help.

  • My Dr prescribes me mebeverine for my IBS x

  • I have buscopan for IBS and mebeverine if it gets worse. Try losing dairy, soya and wheat from your diet, all of those are known aggravants, as are mushrooms and especially tomatoes. I also have diverticular disease along with the ME/CFS, Fibro, Angina and IBS. Even if you take out tomatoes and mushrooms to begin, see if it reduces the attacks, then swap Rice milk for dairy ,mikl, tastes the same but helps to lose the dairy.. Hope that helps

  • Hi All,

    Thankyou for the help. I do take hyoscine for the ibs because i am allergic to the mebevene. Thanks for your help

  • Hi, for all IBS - diarrhoea patients there is a good news - Enterosgel is now available in the pharmacies. It was in Europe for 10 years already, it is clinically proven to relief all IBS symptoms, no preservatives, non-allergenic and safe. Hopefully it will help many IBS suffers now, I read 6 mln people in the UK suffer from it!

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