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3rd December the angel and The elf

Opened my advent calendar today and the picture was of an angel ,, who I must say looked a lot like me and trembling on its knees before it was a figure which looked at lot like Gins... It must have been Gins cos i spent hours polishing my halo last night while stuck inside the box gins put me into and tied with a bow and I can,t get down onto my knees.....

VG x

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Tut tut now what have I told you about hidding in boxes playing with your halo - you know Santa would not be pleased- and here I am all innocent hidding a roll of red ribbon , laughs evily and looks in her calendar and what do we find a miling moon with two stars (it must be you and me) xgins


shoul read smiling not miling forgive this dslexic fool


Throws gins some spare sssssssss gosh I am stiff from sitting in that box for hours , I would have been done sooner if you hadn't made me polish all your silver at the same time. Hand gins her silver spoons , how come your daily spoons are silver and mine are plastic......I am very happy to be a star with you , I,m the biggest for obvious reasons .. Not many people can hold an iPad in the rolls of fat on their stomach



Way to go babes! I am surley impressed by your impressive tummyterrity . I can only top that by saying I have a small lithe fellow supporting my lap top fanning me with a palm leaf as required and supplying me with lovely long gin and tonics. xgins (I wish ......sighs longingly



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