One two three - WHEELS

I was standing in my garden yesterday when speeding past went a Tricycle - it was a model built for speed and racing - and the Lycra clad man was pumping his legs up and down with no hesitation. (Lycra is so unattractive to the male body so unforgiving) anyway I have long dreamt of having a Tricycle not a flashy racing one but a large one with the ability to carry stuff at the front and of course a bell! Ding Ding the Batty Old Lady would ride through the lanes rather like a twenty first century Miss Margaret Rutherford (It took twenty min to remember who she was dam Fibro) . Alas it is not to be Knees wouldn't play they have enough trouble going up and down stairs let alone manovering on a Tricycle. shame when I was in my twenties I had a one with a little engine so when it got hard work it would take over to help me up hills. I used to give friends lifts home from the pub in the basket (I was a barmaid then) Halcyon days ! All that from watching a man pass in Lycra LOL :) Take care x gins

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  • Electric bikes are still around gins, so perhaps ur dream of flying up nd down hills wiv the wind in ur hair terrorising anyone else silly enough to be using the same route as you, can still become a reality!! A lycraless Margaret rutherford rides again lol xx

  • Oh I had not thought of Margaret Rutherford in Lycrassssssss lol oh dear what a thought! Thanks Dixiesdaughter x gins

  • Ah! I too dream of a trike. However mine is of a different sort, since I had to give up my motorbike, thanks to the fibro I just wasn't going to be safe any more! So, think Billy Connolly, though you can all be thankful that I'm unlikely to follow his example of riding it starters! Lol.

  • Is it the fibro, or the predictive text? That should read!

  • chuckle chuckle x gins

  • Maybe a mobility scooter instead?

    Problem is they look so boring - and that smug over-groomed woman in the magazine ads makes me want to rip her head off!

    I want a mobility scooter with attitude, maybe a tank complete with gun turret for storage of chocolate sustanence. If I am really honest I want one done like the bottom half of a Dalek - like Davros.

    Now there is a niche market, or another TV programme - pimp my mobility scooter!

    Julie xx

  • I'm still looking for some go faster stripes for my mobility scooter lol.

  • wow I think a mobility scooter with attitude would be daring and brilliant - I sure would like one of those go faster stripes wings mirrors hubcabs what else? x gins

  • well when I find some I'll post a photo just for you!

  • What a lovely message Gins, made me smile, bless you! I have this vision of a man in lycra on a tricycle lol! :)

  • Thanks LibertyZ glad you enjoyed it :) x gins

  • if you go to ebay ad type in


    you might get your wish!

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