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How ever I feel Oh always needs to go some where every day standing joke with adult children "Fathas off to Tescoes again!

Today we visit Currys or is it Comet which ever . We are inneed of a new range cooker oh that sounds expensive (rubs hands in miserly fashion) trying to put it off but better safe than sorry. I could use old one as a "Bomb" no I wouldnot get away with it .pinkpanther slopes out of the kitchen.

I have seen one I would seriously like it is daffodil yellow -how marvelous - what a colour for a cooker like a bloomin great flower. It would certainly cheer you up in the morning.:)

It never occurred to me that they came in blue green cream yellow I thought it was stainless steel or nothing.

Wow it is cold this morning - must go get some clothes on (instead of my PJs)


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Aha unmasked at last you are not the pink panther, you are not even a garden gnome , you are one of father Christmases elves, you let it slip on currys on comet and dancer and blitzen

Cupid , donner , prancer rudolph etc......You werent flying a spitfire into a sewage truck , you were accompanying father Christmas in his sleigh.... I WONDERED why my presents that year from Santa were a trifle whiffy... So you are off out today gathering the last of the Christmas presents.. Please tell Santa to get you the yellow cooker and could I have a new iPad please.... I,ll leave you some malteser cake Christmas eve... Oh we have had our chimney blocked and plastered this year so just leave a porch full of presents......



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