Up and down !!!

Well the past few days im back on crutches my face hurts and lost sensation in my left arm. Went in a shop and couldn't get my words out at all felt so embarrassed. On the upside my mum and dad are moving back to Nottingham from Cornwall a week Sunday they are both unwell. The docs are taking me off the gabapentin Monday to only been on them 2 weeks i think. xx

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  • Are you happy to be taken off the Gabs? If so then that is a good thing, if not, how will you cope with the pain? I am glad your parents are moving closer to you. I know how you feel about words. I struggle to get them out verbally and also in writing down or typing. I have to check things over and over because even a mistake seems right, if you know what I mean. I really hope things improve for you soon hun xxxxx

  • They are trying something new medication wise the gabs didnt get much chance to help plus lost weight on them and fast so not good i have 4 diff pills got to take not got name to hand will let you no. i have tons painkillers at home lol Also my mouth inside its covered in bite and real sore, Im biting and not feeling the pain untill hours later do you do that? xxx

  • My jaw tends to do its own thing, sometimes in the day, but mainly when I am trying to sleep. It dances from side to side uncontrollably and sometimes the insideds of my mouth do get a good biting, especially if my jaw starts clenching. I am not on nay pain meds at all. I wish you luck with whatever they are trying you on. No one deserves to be in so much pain xxxxx

  • I was told that it can take a few months for gabapentin to show any real effect. I'm sure you and your GP knows what's best fir you, but do hope you find some relief xx

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