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Had a meds review this morning.The best they could offer me was "paracetamol, because they are a very good painkiller!" And "Ibuprofen gel""for your excruciatingly painful shoulders. Basically the medical profession do not have any answers as to how to treat us successfully and when we go back to the surgery in tears they fob us off with different meds because they can.

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  • Hiya sorry your Doc's not sorting you out. I'm shocked they did'nt offer you stronger meds. Have you tried other meds before?

  • Hi I take amitriptyline and gabapentin. Have tried other meds but need these two to put me to sleep. She did say go back in a few weeks if things have not improved so I made an online appointment for a months time. Take care

  • Hi I have been put on gabapentine and I was told it was actually the best treatment at the moment for fibro , I am also on co codomol and codine 15% as a top up , and I use burfen gel 10% , hydrocholquinne is also a treatment . Which I am also on that helps with the fatigue!

    I don't know who your health professionals have trained but if you put the names od these drugs with fibro on your search engin and print them off and make copy's for your GP and if necessary your consultant they might not like it but it will show them but it should give you the help you need !

    But I also find Epsom salt baths , help I use lavender , Rosemary,peppermint and a few other essential , and that helps so much !

    Gentle hugs

    Chris xx

  • Heya shadows walker, i am thinking about asking doc for another painkiller. I googled hydrocholquinne but cant find any info? Would it be possible to post a link? Thank you, hope you well as poss xx

  • Hi albinohedgehog please find below a link to the arthritis research UK cache on this drug, and a Google search definition:




    Hydroxychloroquine, sold under the trade names Plaquenil among others, is an antimalarial medication. It is also used to reduce inflammation in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Wikipedia

    Molar mass: 335.872 g/mol

    CAS ID: 118-42-3

  • Thank you very much Ken. Hope you are well as poss, all the best, xx

  • x :)

  • Hydrochoquinne is an immune system drug helps with fatigue will try and post a link later sorry bit poorly today ! Just bear with me ok xx

  • Thanks Chris, that is food for thought. Take care

  • Thanks for that, I will look into it. Take care

  • Hi Brightoni360

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please find below a link to the FMA UK pages on sending your GP a medical pack about Fibro anonymously:

    Medical Pack for G.P.'s and other Medical Professionals


    Hopefully this can help educate them on how it affects us and how bad it can be?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I like it. I will put it on my to do list. Thank you.

  • :)

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