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I had to go for an mri on my chest like I dont already have enuff on my chest withese two huge waterwings

Arrived at hispital very efficient NOTA......

A young lady from some country near the Indian ocean VERY near the Indian ocean came into the waiting area and called out in a soft melodious voice Mrs Patel Mrs Patel

all of the poor ignored freezing canditates duly ignored her me I could hardly hear her cos I going deaf in one ear and dumb in the other. She called three more people in and so on until I was the last person left.

You Must be Mrs Patel she said to me with a pained look on her face. I am most certainly not I replied. So what is your name and why havent you registered as having arrived.

Now being the patient person I am I tried to pull my hair over my ears to disguise the smoke beginning to filter out of them . My name I said through gritted false teeth is Petal Knee thats right she pounced you are Patel

Petal petal petal I muttered behind her as we went down the passage,

Do you need me to strip I asked having had this done before no she said getting mildly miffed at me like it wasMy fault I hsd waited three hours after my appointment and made her late,

You only have to have a clothing free leg ???????? We can do the mri in a blink she said beginning to smile knowing we was nearly there

Just put your leg here

why I said feeling like alice at the mad hattters tea party

So we can do the mri on it

why would you want to do that I asked in a reasonable voice

She pulled her hair over her ears gave me a fixed stare that would have turned a princess into a stone

Then she said slowly word by word as you would to the demented

to find out whats wrong with it,

at this I found her patience a challange like a flag to a bull

I can tell you exactly whats wrong with my leg.

Really she said trying to show me she understood my brain wasnt quite up to scratch whats wrong with it dear

Nothing I said it has got sweet f#@king b all wrong with it,

And I see no reason to out my leg up there.

Well dear she said in honied tones dripping with arsenic

how else will we be able to check the patella.

The penny dropped like a ton of bricks and I smiled sweetly through the clouds of smoke pouring out of her ears and the tiny traces of fire escaping her delicate little nose and said

sweety my NAME Petal Knee and my chest is whats not right there is nothing wrong with the patella in my knee. Then Icouldnt help ut I cracked up with laughter

Shame was so embarrassed.....

Me well i spent weeks and weeks on my own and there is nothing that cheers one up like an afternoons entertainment

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Oh my goodness that could only happen to you ... I must admit moving over half the country my accent is still foreign to the locals and they look at me in total confusion and I have only been living here 12 years...

But on a serious note ... Did you get your chest MRI or did she insist and doing your knee :)

VG x


Oh Blossom. That's brilliant. I don't know how you saw the funny side so quickly, but I'm glad you did. There's nothing like humour to get you through a sticky situation. And thank you for sharing. That's really cracked me up. I loved your descriptions. :-D


That's the best laugh I've had this week! You couldn't make it up, could you? Did you actually get your chest scanned in the end? Good job your name isn't Chest Nut or she might have tried scanning your head as well! :D

Moffy x


:0) funny xxxx

How did the chest MRI go ?


Had loads of small idiots in lungs oh sorry that should read clots silly me


Heehee - it sounds as though you had idiots as well! xxx


Well glad you eventually got your MRI scan done and could see the funny side of it :) xgins


oh FB i am fairytickled hahah.

do we all have names that are confusing heheh my maiden name was Womersley and i forever got WORMesly or ms worm, ms wormsly.

my married name now is Knightley so your imagination can only run with that one.

Ms pe tal ohh you made me smile.

what is results then how did it make you feel are you ok?

I have had 3 and omg the Brain one i will not say on here incase anyone having one as we all very very different.

lovley soft huggles to you xxxxxxxxxx caroline xx


I am still here so I must be okay lol


hi,that was funny,but they do make alot of mistakes,one time l was in,we were all sat in a room and the consultant came in asked for a Mrs.Davis,found her and as l was sat next to her heard what he said, very calmly he said,we will cut you from here to here on here throat/neck for something,well her face was a picture,she said,OH MY GOD,IM ONLY IN TO HAVE MY INGROWING TOE NAIL DONE...there was another Mrs,Davis there aswell.hope your MRI went ok.








From now on I see to my own toes lol I will be checking them knightley incase fairies have left worms on them pmsl petal


Hi blossom some people are just born to irritate one minute and make you laugh the next, on another note I'm sorry to say clots on the lungs can be quite serious, I had one when I was 18 just after my first born turned 7 months old it nearly killed me as it was travelling to my heart, I don't mean to scare you but I felt you should know. Tood luck with yours. Sithy


Iknow they are I always make light of serious stuff its how i cope I have to be checked for them reg as I am in heart failure also have blood disorder amongst other things thanks for caring nuff to tell me cyber hugz petal


That should be good kucl imean luck I don't know my brain is fuzzy today I hope your clots don't cause you any problems mine was broken down with warfarin I think


I think that's how you spell it my brain definitely aint working today. Sithy


Still got it wrong good luck, there finaly I spelt it right good luck he he I got it right twice well good luck again and I truly do not mean to scare you concerning your clots. Gentle hugs the woman who is forever putting her foot in her mouth and can't spell, sheepishly yours. Sithy


Lol its okay my keyboard changes places each time I blink and is infested with b v and n, s instead ofbspaces petal


Have you named them yet mine was called git as in get the hell out of me lol . Sith


Have you named them yet mine was called git as in get the hell out of me lol . Sith


No I just cal them al wtf cant put the words on here lol


between your experiences and mine hospital wise we could maybe collabarate and write a book,i once ended up being taken in a wheelchair by a porter to neurology instead of urology despite it being clearly written on my letter!! also i had to have a ultra sound on my shoulder ladt week,and the stupid desk woman at outpatients sent us up to ultrasound maternity!!! wish they could all read!!, you will have to get a big board on a piece of string round your neck with your name on in capital letters!!!!


p.s i think you were more jadedblossom after all that carry on!!!




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