Grandson out of hospital. I caught the bug

I knew I was taking a risk going to my daughters. But I had to go help look after her 3 other children. They have all had the virus except my son-in-law. He got ill day before James came out of hospital. I stayed till the following day, But damage was done.

have terrible fibro flare as well as coughing, sneezing and sore throat.I really do hurt everywhere.

But I'd do it again to help my family.


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  • So sorry to hear this Yvonne, make sure you keep warm, take your meds and rest! Give yourself time for your symptoms to settle down again. I hope it doesn't last too long and passes quickly for you.

    Of course you would do it again, sometimes it's the price we have to pay for caring isn't it. I have done it myself many times. We know at the time that we are throwing ourselves to the lions don't we, but we have to do it. Bless you Yvonne, take care.

    (((hug))) xxx

  • It's silly time in the morning again.

    Thanks xxx

  • Yes Yvonne, you can always count on me to be here at Silly Time lol! ;) :P

  • For once it's a decent time for me lol xxxx

  • Oh thank goodness it's not just me I thought I had got off lightly with the virus but afterwards it's left me in the grips of a flare pounding headache muscle spasms, the only thing keeping me from my bed and weeping is the fact that I can relate to so many people on here.


  • At this point not sure which is worse the virus, or the fibro.

    Really not sure where one start and the finishes lo lol

    Can't hug at all

    Yvonne xxxx

  • Just getting over a hospital bug swiftly followed by the coughing bug, so I feel for you x

  • how did you catch hospital bug? Work, Visiting or patient?

    very soft hugs

  • I was doing really well, my 4 grand children all went down with this virus, ha I thought Ive survived! spoke too soon.

    Im over the worst I hope, but my sinuses are still bugging me and fibro pain is bouncing around everywhere at the mo,

    Speedy recovery sweetie

    squidgy HUGS

    Susan Y

  • Hi Susan

    I've suffered with sinus problems all my life, had 2 ops to clear passage ways, one surgical one laser. Having broken my nose repeatedly, doesn't help it.

    best tip is steam treatment. Used to use bowl of hot water, now use facial sauna.Works real good. Great before bed time.

    Hope you recover soon

    very soft hugs

    Yvonne xxxx

  • We are so susceptible to all these bugs going around and while I feel for you I am not going to speak to soon. I do not want it as I am mid COPD flare as well as a fibro flare. Hope you recover very soon xxxxx

  • I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

    I hope you stay germ free


  • There is a good chance I will as I only go out once a fortnight on a regular basis, and maybe to the GP once or twice a month. So I will avoid the GP for as along as I can and pray hubby and daughter do not bring any bugs back when they go out on their travels xxxxx

  • I live alone so if i don't go out or no one visits I would be safe. But life wouldn't be worth the isolation.

    Bad enough when the weather keeps me in or my Fibro. I only go out when well enough


  • Today I am run down, i think I breathed in too much dust so it has made the COPD unbearable right now . As long as I do not pick up a cold I will be okay, I think xxxxxx

  • What is COPD??? xxxx

  • It is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease hun xxxxx

  • Very nasty...

    Why can't we just have Fibro and nothing else? Don't we suffer enough?

    Take care

    Soft Hugs xxxx

  • just another one of the cards I was dealt in life, but we have to accept it don't we xxxxx

  • I'd still take this "Bug" over the vomitting & diarrhea one that is going around my ward at the moment....:( x

  • Hi.

    do you work on a ward?


  • Ho liberty. Hop you feel better soon x I caught a bug from my daughter last month. I found is useful to compare how I was to her. Made me feel more normal because despite a fibro flair, my recovery wasn't unlike hers. I always assume I would be harder hit and for longer...but apart from more pain I seemed to recover to a similar time scale. Well it made me feel better at the time lol x

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