just come out of hospital nightmare

i have now been in hospital three times in the last couple of weeks first whent in with a chest infection coulnd breath that cleared up then the antibaotics they but me on give me frush down my throat also i felt as though i had swollowen an egg then that cleared u;pp but i started with that sickness bugg whicch i caught in hospital so i have been barrier nurseing for the last four days and then the fibor on top i have ne ver felt so ill as i couldnt keep my meds down i have just come home last night i live in shetlandland and the wards been shut to all visitors for the last three days hope things are on the mend nowand now my fibro kick off big style love and hugs shetlandlass

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  • morning shetland lass what a grim time you have had do hope you are on the mend now! Is it very cold up there at the moment? xgins

  • Hello shetlandlass, oh dear, it sounds like you've really been through a tough time. I hope you have got someone with you who can help so that you can try to recover from everything you've been through and now with your fibro flaring you really need to be taken care of,

    Sending healing thoughts and gentle hugs your way

    Foggy x

  • Oh dear that sound horrendous indeed, hopefully now you are home you will start to feel better

    VG x

  • It's safer at home. You go into hospital feeling poorly, then you catch norovirus. Still at least you didn't pay to go on a cruise ship and get it!

    Keep well rested Shetlandlass, that will help your flare to subside quickly.

    Moffy x.

  • Really hope you're feeling better soon,what a horrid time you have had, rest,rest,rest!xxx

  • thankyou so much for your kind thoughts hugs and kissesxx

  • Please get better soon.

    Know that you have pals who care about you :)

  • thankyou so much its nice to know there are lovely people like yourself hugsxx

  • Thankyou so much for all your kind thoughts its nice to to know there are so many kind people who care my love and best wishes go out to you all love and hugs shetlandlassxx

  • Hi shetlandlass im the same as you caught norovirus ill for two weeks just got over that took a chest infection and a massive asthma attack gp gave me steriods antibiotics and tried to get me to go into hospital but I refused I've still got the chest infection and horrid cough but it is clearing now a fybro flare up im as week as a kitten no energy so im just havingvto rest hoping I get better soon.so my thoughts are with you my friend take care of yourself gentle hugs xx

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