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Nice start to the day my legs gave way this morning an I fell an put my hand through my patio door glass ,I'm now cut to pieces on right hand,my left hand has dermatitis an the skins raw I'm now blooming b******d ,thanks fibromyalgia,

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omg, hope your okay and don't need stitches or anything. Sending gentle hugs to you :)

Thanks got 4 stitches in 1 finger 3 in hand feel bloody daft Hahahaha got to laugh ,tell you I never thought I had that mutch blood,lol!!

Oh dear thank goodness it's not as bad as it could have been can you rest up for the day, week , month, however long you can manage to get family and friends to wait on you hand and foot....

I managed weeks last Christmas my legs gave out and fell onto the radiator and broke two ribs...... So nice to see OH huffing and puffing his way through cooking Christmas dinner

VG x

Oh how ghastly do hope you are feeling a bit better - lots of hot sweet tea for shock - me mum always said-

Now you are bandaged up and in charge of every one can the door get mended it is going to be cold tonight?

Do rest hope it is not too painfull hugs gins

Oh my goodness ! I fall and hurt myself often your legs just go from under you with no warning. The last fall I had was backwards and am lucky I didn't brain myself!

You must have been horrified I hope someone was there for you . You take it easy my lovely,and hope you soon feel better.

gentle hugs x x x

Rainbow x

and you did that without alchol? lol...seriously I hope you mend soon take care vikki xx

That must have been scary! Glad the injuries weren't any worse - bad enough as it is. I sometimes think we should all wear several layers of bubble-wrap to help us bounce a little better... only trouble is I can't resist the stuff... Pop! Pop! Pop! ;)

I would imagine you're feeling pretty sore today after all that! (((Hugs))) Take care xxx

So sorry to hear about your accident Mick, it sounds awful. I hope you managed to get to A&E to see if you needed any treatment.

Please let us know how you get on, we do care about you. (((hug))) xxx

Thanks for the kind thoughts folks,my housing association has made me pay for the door glass repair 350 pounds great cash out everywhere none coming in pmsl or cry Hahahaha,yes I'm soar as hell ,xxx

So sorry to hear that Mick. Will your housing association take the money in instalments perhaps, this might be worth suggesting if paying for it all in one go is too much at the moment?

Take care and I hope you manage to have a reasonable day today. xx

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