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Twas on a frosty morning just a little warning!

To all my fibro friends do take care today ice can be so deceptive make sure you need to go out before you go, I am perhaps a little wary of ice I managed to crash a car on black ice many years ago an spent 3months in hospital in traction and another 3 learning to walk again. So please go slowly and gently and take care! Sometimes what you cannot see is by far the worse rather like fibro :) xgins

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Thanks gins.......thought you were going to do a poem with that heading lol : ) x


Glad you got over it's too true black ice is deadly, thank goodness you survived....... Naaaa it's no good why I am I suddenly thinking of you totally plastered driving a traction engine erractically across roads and fields with fairy lights hanging wildly, with carols blaring loudly....

Well you really didn't think a flare was going to make me good and normal did you??????


Ps can we change locations it's so wet here and has been for so long I am thinking of getting the garage turned upside down and turning it into an ark

VG x


The reality was I was driving a spitfire and spun it into a sewage van on black ixce My brilliant Mothers comment as I lay waiting to know what I had done in casualty "Oh Shit" how true we did laugh.

I spent my first married christmas in Hospital I was so upset because we were all given a glass of champagne so I saved mine to make it last . Sister saw it and whisked it away I wasnt allowed to drink--- if only I had downed it lol.

Now as to ark building --------------------------pine trees that would be a start. I do hope it is not too wet with you the country looks to be so bad.



Only you could fly a Spitfire into a truck load of sewage...( was this during the blackout during the war) I didn't know you had a pilots licence... Or has it been revoked and with rationing how did you get champagne? As to ark building why didn't you mention this before my OH hired a skip and chopped down 8 trees in our front and back garden during the summer... The fact I didn't join this site till after the trees were gone is no excuse

Tuts VG x


uhhhm how old do you think I am (tackes offence not lol)

I did take flying lessons - could only afford two so I am no good. xgins


No point in warning me Gins, I cannot wear my distance tinted glasses at the moment as they give me a headache, so I would not see, just go flying instead, like VG, without wings xxxxx


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