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Anyone else have days when they can something strange? All day today I've been able to smell amonia. Thought it might be the kitten litter tray so cleaned that with disinfectant. Washed the kitchen floor, Used some shake and vac and hoovered everywhere. Plugged in a smelly and sprayed air freshner but I can still smell it. Last week I could smell onions when I had my toast and marmalade and then cinamon spice the other day but not used anything with either in it. Strange!

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Not smelling things that aren't there but smells I used to tolerate I can't stand now, tuna makes me physically sick and anything with strong perfume inc cleaning products I can't stand, very annoying

VG x


I've also smelt onions when I've been eating toast but ignored it ... maybe we get phantom smells to add to our ever increasing list lol


It is quite common for people who have Fibromyalgia to have a keen sense of smell. When the central nervous system of the body is hypersensitive, it typically involves all of the senses. Just like with the characteristics of being sensitive to sounds, those that have a very low pain threshold will often experience sensitivity to smells. They will even smell things that aren't necessarily there because the sense is heightened and sensitive, so the mind fires and we think we can smell something if that makes sense. In many cases, the person that experiences this form of smell will discover that this is a new symptom once diagnosed with the condition.

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Thanks for that Liberty. My daughter is convinced that I have a nasal infection but I'm sure, if it where, this would be an ongoing thing rather than the odd occasion. It seems to have gone now for today.


Yes I think so too. I have a history of sinus problems, I've had three sinus operations in the past. I know the difference between a continuous sinus type smell because it stays with me 24/7, whereas with Fibro it's an intermittent type smell, it comes and goes. Also the smells are different.

Also from experience whenever I've had a nasal/sinus infection I have always had chronic nasal discharge, (infected secretions) and I don't have any at all with these current smells since I've had Fibro.


I sometimes go searching for smell that I never find too and have the sensitivity problem. I hate getting in the lift at Uni after someone's been in there wearing perfume or even someone who's recently smoked a cigarette.


Oh I hate it when this happens. I can wake up smelling something that is not there lol. I once smelt roast beef cooking at 2am, went out the back door and no lights on all along the block. It is a weird thing but I think you tend to get used to it xxxxx


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