Does anyone else had feminine hygiene issues?

I think I smell awful all the time from that area. I change underwear twice a day and wash with Feminine Hygeine so no soap is used.

To feel happier I would want to shower three times a day and change my underwear that many times. I wear cotton pyjamas and I would only wear them once if it wasn't for having a huge washing pile.

Does anyone use panty liners and do they help?

Thanks in advance.

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  • I would say the problem here is you are washing your bits too much. Never use anything there except for water. Even the feminine stuff is too strong for there. We woman are too clean nowadays, we strip our natural oils.

    If the smell carries on you might need to have a swab to see whats going on.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi , i think that i have the same problem , i dont wear pyjamas anymore just nighties . I have an appointment at the bladder clinic soon so maybe they will be able to help . I use panty liners but not sure how much help they are , sorry not more help x

  • Hello Bobsta, sorry to hear about your situation. I couldn't have put my reply better than Nanastre - she hit the nail on the head! Sometimes we can be a bit over zealous trying to keep clean and fresh. With over washing our delicate areas, by that I mean several times a day, we are literally making them vulnerable to infection as they're not given the opportunity to be hygienic naturally. All you need is warm water and a very sensitive soap and gently wash and then rinse well.

    You may have a bacterial imbalance or even an infection, so I would suggest you see your Doctor who will check it all out and hopefully treat you for it. In the mean time wear cotton and not synthetic materials on that area. Hope you manage to get this sorted out very soon, take care! :) :)

  • this is going to sound awful but my vaginal discharge smells of my meds. Be careful like has been said you can wash to much and wipes can be leathel <I try to use baby products, much gentlier

  • Thank you all for replying xxx

  • It might help if you keep your lady garden closely clipped so the hair doesn't absorb the urine. I find this helps no end.

  • Thank you x

  • yes find keeping my lady garden short helps and i wear panty liners, i feel happier with them on, cotton pants and pjs help, but hey do we not have a natural odour down below !

    i keep some mummy flannels in the toilet which i will wipe myself with after a pee because i pee so often but just rinsed in fresh water...

    soft hugs xxx


  • I have a supply of baby wipes that are non fragranced. I did wonder if panty liners would help. May help reduced the amount of knickers in the wash! Lol xxxx

  • Hi i personally do not suffer with this but alot of women do so you are not alone it would pronb be a good idea to go and see your GP and explain to them the facts of how you are and hopefully they can sort itout for you as it is not nice when you feel like tht but to be honest you are pri=ob thinking itis worse than it is and you are thinking you are smelling etc as you do seem tobe doing all the rightthings but they do say we should just douse ourselves with clan warm water rahter than use all these perfumed things/soaps/talcs/sprays/wipes

    the other thing is have you typed it on to google as i find that very helpful and it normally comes up with a helpful lot of info and normally an NHS one too good luck love diddle xxx

  • I know it is embarrassing but could you brave the doctors, to rule out infection and even the non fragranced wipes are not a good idea, my mum can wash her girly bits with soap and water has done for years, I can not it makes me worse, just fresh water for me.

    If this is has an effect on your sex life as it does some times for me please see your doctor ...

  • I think I have same problem. It's not a bladder problem with me, it's a sweet, sickly type of smell but it varies - sometimes worse than others. I usually try to shower x2 daily, and I do find Femfresh the most effective. My (lovely female) GP says that some people do have more problems in this area but there isn't really any definitive answer, whether it be a Ph balance thing or hormonal. I also think we feel we stink, (lol) but it's not quite as noticeable as we think! xx

  • How about trying some Tee Tree Oil. Just a few drops in the wash basin with the water. You can also get Tee Tree soap as well. Tee Tree products are anti-bacterial and therefore may be of help. You should be able to get them on thbe QVC website or maybe any herbal shop. Just a thought,but may help.

  • Thank you all for your replies. I am going to make an appointment with the nurse and get her to take a swab.

  • hi huni you are not alone i hadthis problem twice it is called vaginosis i had a swab and given antibiotics to help i it is a chemical unbalance something to do with ph balance , doesn't mean you are unclean, i sometimes feel uncomfortable and smell funny i change my underwear straight away and i use a panyliner i also use femme fresh on those days as it helps amazingly and i have femme fresh wipes for those days to , i put mine done to the merina coil as does my gp fingers crossed not had an episode for a while , as if we dont have enough to put up xxx a trip to your gp is good advice as it needs to be sorted for ya sake xx i often think to myself if i can smell me who else can xx chin up hope this has helped you xxx AND YOU ARE CLEAN xx i read minds tooo HAHAHA its what i though tooo xxx

  • I agree that water and a mild soap (like Simple) to wash a maximum of twice a day, and see your GP. Could you ask your partner/best friend/mum if they can smell anything, as it could be that you think it's worse than it is?

    I hope you manage to get to the cause of it, and manage to sort it out.

  • I can't use panty liners as they irritate my skin. I only use water to wash. I have to wash my knicks with non-bio soaps. regards, sandra

  • I doubt if this altogether is a fibro issue; I guess most women have this problem from time to time, and though odour can sometimes be a symptom of bacterial/fungal infection, we often imagine we smell worse than we do!

    It's best to check with your medical practice to make sure there is no infection, then as everyone as said, a gentle wash with plain water and mild soap, plus regular undie changes are all that's needed.

    Not a great fan of liners, as they stop air circulation, as do nylon pants!

  • Hi Bobbsta

    I have had this experience but it wasn't particularly related to my fibro that I know of. It really is advised by GPs and urology and gynaecology specialists that we avoid the use of overperfumed products. You don't say if you have an unusual discharge (not just normal female secretions which shouldn't smell unpleasant). Sounds like a good move to go to your GP.


  • Oh My gosh I thought it was just me ... reading all these replies has made me feel so much better x

  • and me, its so good to know we can talk about anything and put our minds at rest xx

  • If it is fishy smelling go to the doctor - you have an infection

    If there is a thick white itchy discharge it is probably thrush and you can get over the counter treatment.

    Agree that keeping pubic hair trimmed can make you feel cleaner.

    Do not use sprays, douches, soaps or shower gel anywhere near your insides - a gentle shower of warm water is fine (not inside the vagina though) .... I balance myself half in, half out of the edge of the bath and shower myself with warm water once or twice a day as needed as I hate to be dirty after having a number 2!!!!!!!!!

    Julie x

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