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How bad does it have to get before I claim DLA?

I am not well enough to work. I have countless flares triggered by a myriad of things - loads of symptoms - everything seems haywire and systems are out of balance.

There are days when I am housebound - I am suffering financially and may loose my home. I do not seem to fall in the categories for DLA and even scored zero points for ESA and have the stress of a tribunal. I do not seem to be able to express how it is for me.

Any advice please.

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I'd say seek the help of The Citizen's Advice Bureau or similar and ask for some help to fill out the forms for DLA .

It seems lately that the DWP are determined to make sure nobody gets it first time of asking .

When you go to tribunal for ESA can you take someone along for support ? Or maybe CAB could help you with that too, not sure if that's the case but it's worth asking.




Thank you.


You really have to keep on at the DLA, I had to. I had a 2 year fight before they actually agreed to the lower end DLA. Don't give up and take/send as much medical support confirming how you are managing. I believe that even DLA staff are VERY uneducated when it comes to how debilitating Fibro actually is. When I was diagnosed, the Rheumatologist likened the Fibro pain to the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis - just without the visual physical disabilities - Hence the "invisible disease" we know as Fibro - so less sympathy and understanding.

Gentle hugs,

Carol xx


Thank you. Difficult isn't it.


Fight for whay you believe in but you will need someone by your side.

HUgs, Sue x x x


I hope to get support. Thankyou.


I went to a tribunal for dla was turned down but I will try again


Hope you are successful the next time round. Thank you.


Hi again Reflections,

Take a look at the tags for DLA, ESA and Tribunals, there are a number of previous threads you might find helpful.

Also, go to the Fibro Action site and email them with a request for any info they have access to, free from Benefits and Work. There is loads and all their stuff is fantastic.

more happy hugs, kate :)


Thanks - I'll contact the site.


Thank you everyone for your advice.


hi well i am claiming on 21 may i am going to my local DIAL centre to help do the forms and i asked my gp about it and she asaid i think you should apply so i am and fingeres crossed love to and go for it theworst they can say is no love diddle x


As so many on here have said get an advisor - they will go through the criteria with you. For example, to qualify for lower rate care to need to stress that you are unable to cook a meal for yourself.

As for mobility - the lower rate DLA requires you to need help ion going to places you are unfamiliar with.

There are more criteria, check out the benefits section on the FibroAction website - they will be able to point you in the right direction of getting more help.


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