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New Support Group - Stoke-on-Trent / Stafford and surrounds

Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of setting up a new support group for the Staffordshire region of Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford, Newcastle-Under-Lyme and wherever anyone would like to travel from really! We are meeting officially for the first time this Monday 7th January at 11:30am at Tittensor Village Hall, off the A34 between Stone and Trentham. Tittensor Village Hall is on Winghouse Lane.

We have a website that is currently under construction - but you can sign up to the mailing list or email for any support or details just email

You can also preview the first newsletter I sent out before Christmas -

Please feel free to email for any questions about the group or the meeting.

I hope to meet you soon!


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Hi, please count me in, I can't believe I will meet other people who completely understand !!! See you Monday xxx


Great! Do you know where Tittensor Village Hall is? If not please feel free to email for directions. Also if you can send a quick email to, then I will have your email address to add to the mailing list.


Bliss a local group I hope to be there too xx


Hello Shelly,

Could I ask if you have added your details to the FibroAction Support Group Directory on the website?, so visitors to the site can find groups near them. If not, and you would like to please email with your details

Many Thanks



Yes I did see your post. I haven't added it yet as we don't have a set monthly meeting as yet. I have some new members who would like to meet in the evening too. It has been difficult to coordinate initially. So I can't say for sure at the moment that we meet say every first Monday. Can I still put the group info up without this info?


Shelly hope all goes well for you. I started a support group last July so know how your feeling. Numbers of attenders peak and dip so don't be surprised just keep positive and enjoy x

Gentle Hugs




Count me in'Ive been looking for a support group for 10 years. I can't make the first meeting as it is in the day. If you organise any after 5pm I will be there if I am well enough. I am still working as an Early Yeats Practitioner at a primary school but would be happy to help in any way I can with the support group. I've tried to sign in but it said the website was down but will try again tomorrow.

Speak soon Linda Forrester



hello there its great to hv a page for all us ta live in Staffordshire as I am house bound at the moment with fribro as its getting worst I hv good and bad days like we all do it would b nice to chat to others about this condition on here it really ds help when yr feelin down and talk to people who understand you hope tp hear from you soon take care guys glo100


Hi, is the Staffs support group still going? Thanks


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