Dla 1 st tier tribruaral if I appeal can I hand in new evidence

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Well things were goin to good, and I got Warded no mobility and low care, I'm going to appeal but they believe atos report that I can walk 400 metres, my phyio and rheumy can write a letter for evidence stating I can only walk 10 meters then I need to stop or a sit down but can u do this hand in more evidence. Thanks Michelle

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  • I'm not sure, but have you got the Benefits & Work guides? If not, email info@fibroaction.org and we can send them out for you.

  • Thanks very much will do that. Take care Michelle

  • Hi Kilts,Firstly congratulations.If you plan to appeal then i would suggest that you bring any supporting evidence that you can get in the form of recent letters such as you mentioned ,scans,medication ect as i am sure you will be given the chance to submit new evidence that supports your reason for appeal and it cannot hurt to have them for future reference if God forbid your needs change or your physical condition weakens.I have not yet applied for DLA but it's next on my to do list and i have read many posts on here giving advice to people in your situation saying as i have said.I personally keep a small notebook with me to jot down how my body is daily as it helps when i go to doctors, atos or most recently my blue badge medical i just refer back to notes as pain merges into a blur for me so i can't always recall after a few days what happened and when so it makes it easier to just whip out my notebook and be able to be 100% accurate.Hope this helps and best of luck to you,x jo

  • Thanks for reply and for ur dla first put on appointment with ur gp , mine said post a copy of my form to her and she'll read it and wen dla write to her she said she'll put wat I had on my form as she read my form and agreed with wait had put. Although I only got low care because my form was "too good" the judge thought my gp must be a friend of family!!!'if ur form is not goid enough U dont get it or like me my form was too good so u don't get it u just can't win but we must keep fighting Fibro and the system,take care Michelle

  • You should take any supporting evidence with you when you go to the tribunal. If you are using Welfare rights or CAB make sure they have copies. The tribunal may ask you to send in any evidence you may have. This happened with my mother in law as she has ankylosing spondilitis and she was turned down, so she had to appeal. Her welfare rights guy(also mine)forwarded the evidence she had alreay provided once. The tribunal never took place as the decision was suddenly over turned. I wish you luck xxxxx

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