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I won my dla appeal got told still might not get any money

I won my dla appeal in august 2013 was back dated to oct 2012 six weeks later still no money so I rang the dla today they told me it with the dission maker since the 10th sept and I still could end up with nothing as they can appeal agaist my won appeal and I might have to appeal again are they allowed to do that and why don't they tell you this at your tribunel. Instead they give u faulse hope I'm in to much pain with arthrites in my hip and knee and just had injection in my spine why should I. go throught that hell again help please anne xxcchh

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Hi Anne :)

Crikey! I can't even begin to imagine where your heads at right now :o

That is such an awful thing to happen especially having not being informed in writing about it. :(

Firstly, I suggest you try to find an advocacy service such as CAB, welfare rights, DIAL whatever is in your area and make an appointment to discuss this and ask for help/advice.

I contacted welfare rights through e-mail and asked if someone could come to the house to see me too and they did. However, I must stress that was in Sunderland, wherever you are may not offer that!

Secondly gather all your paperwork so its all together and read through it to look for errors on their part that you can discuss with the advocacy service.

I hope you find some help with this as it will help to lower your stress levels :)

Plus, we're all here to support you, let us know how you are getting on and I wish you much luck in your endeavour against the DWP ;)



Thats a disgrace....they shouldnt be allowed to appeal the tribunals decision , how on earth are they allowed to do that...


Zeb 73, I am from county Durham so is there a DIAL somewhere around her , any help would be useful for me..Thanx..x


Ah! hello neighbour :)

Its nice to meet someone so close heheh!

My answer is I don't actually know but have you tried looking on-line under Durham council to see what they have listed Or do you come under Sunderland? I ask that because the postcoding is weird round here with some parts of places being Sunderland and the others Durham! I know its odd :o

Ok I've just looked and if you go onto Duham city council website click benefits and advice then welfare rights. There is an e-mail in the contact us section, to be honest I found writing down everything easier than trying to speak about it because I always forget the important stuff :o so I recommend e-mailing explain your circumstances and the urgency of your query and ask for a home visit if possible please :)

DIAL in Darlington or Richmond :o I've just checked the website

I hope this helps ritzy please let me know how you get on

and again hello neighbour :D



O M G.....Anne, do NOT give up, I had to fight a tribunal also....I was similar to you Registered disabled....have RA, spine ops, shoulder surgery, hip surgery , knee ops,the works... I had to give up work, but was on lowest DLA, yet other people I knew was on the Max DLA, like top Mobility, and friends that have Early RA, not much signs of disease or major pain, yet they got the max........the fact I could no longer work! also due to! at the time! major fatigue along with chronic pain everywhere spine surgery etc. I became angry and I appealed...Tribunal etc...VERY scary, know what u went thru and thankfully I got the correct amount of DLA........however, I did not know that it can be appealed against their decision.... That is SHOCKING!!.. ....I would write to local MP in your area, get another DOC letter to disagree with the bad decision....I'm so sorry you are going thru all this, it's Not right and it's NOT fair.......sorry I can't help you! but the replies you got are great! I just want to give

Be you the support you need....... Did you know that people that apply for the first time, even though deserve it, mostly get told they can't have DLA? It's to put people off from claiming it, they make it as hard as possible to get it, in the hope that people will give up trying.. NEVER do that......happened too me the very first time I applied.....second time around( waited 3 months).....I got it..... And hearing from others, this happened to them also......be interesting If that happened to you also?......I think you have a brill case to actually get this DLA you rightly deserve, might make you upset at the mo, but fact the. Tribunal granted you it, I'm sure they won't like it that some civil service twit in some office somewhere, has said NO to you.......it's ridiculous........please keep us informed...... Chin up Girl...Jill x


Hi. Please do not worry about this, (easy said, I know) this is absolutely normal.

After the appeal rules in your favour the DLA decision maker has a chance to appeal against that decision, as you rightly said, they have 6 weeks. If you think about it, a judge and possibly 2 others have made the decision you will be awarded DLA, there would be no point of having this system if after a judge has ruled in your favour (his should be the last word), the DLA can then decline. Also, probably one of the people on the panel at your appeal was from works and pension. I think you will be absolutely fine.

Also may be in your paperwork "what happens next" and a timescale as to when you could reasonably ask them for information.

Good luck....


Hi im in same boat but nit dla its my esa, I was put in the wragg group last year and applead against it, I also wrote a further 2 letters over the year, anyway out of theblue I got a letter saying I had been placed in the support group.I noticed when I was doing online banking I had a payment for £82 odd anyway a couple days later I got a letter to say it was 8 weeks back money, I rang them up and they told me it was because of my appeal letter recieved in August, thats why I had been give bk , oney when I asked about the appeal letter sent in July 2012 she gt stroppy and said it was from Aug this year.They out you through all this hassel making you think am I ill or notand then they rob you blind.i feel as if have aged 30 years through this esa hell and im dreading the dla form dropping through my door, take care , Marg xxxxxc


I applied for DLA 2 years ago, its got to the stage that I proved they were wrong in the law and now they want the case to be seen by a whole new tribunal. Its be 2 years now since I started. keep fighting and get some support,

Ask Citizens advice for help if you haven't as they use the information to fight the government for welfare reform.

Write to your MP. You can find out the local one from the Parliament web site. Get an appointment for one of their surgeries so you can talk to them face to face. Write down the problems you have had.

Use the Local Foodbank.If you have one You can get a voucher from various places local to your Foodbank. Do a search for Trussel Trust Foodbanks and type in your area. Give them your story, they will keep the name anonymous but also use the information for reforms.

I am waiting for news from the ESA as had the form to fill in. Hope this is helpful to you.


Just one thing I would add to send your complaint to the MP Michael Meacher he is so disgusted with what the government are doing via Atos etc, just let him know the brief case history together with your health/conditions it may be the only hope we have of any help from a member of parliament to protest on our behalf. Wish you well my firbo mite.


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