Summer frocks

I like to be contrary so just to be awkward I will be wearing long summer frocks quite a bit this year. Yesterday whilst shopping in Marks I stopped to look at a summer maxi dress and my husband John said to me "don't buy anymore long dresses you'll look like you're on castors." Well I took it as a challenge wouldn't you? The thing is I also have a penchant for getting him to put wheels on everything. I find it so difficult as I get older and less fit to move furniture and I love to clean behind everything. Maybe I should get some roller skates and then he could give me the occasional shove.

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  • :D me too! I live in long skirts :) we could get motorised skates and form a line :)

  • Da da dah dah Come on and do the conga!

  • Or is it da da,da da,da dah dah?

  • I always say if you want to treat yourself, go on! I saw a lovely rugby shirt in M&S this week, but I had one last week and feel guilty about having another, so I will wait until I do not feel guilty about buying it? Probably after the weekend?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Oh just go for it Ken! Guilt is such a negative emotion. I'm sure you have nothing to feel guilty about.

  • Go for it Granny pip I love Maxi dresses strange I loved them the first time around and here they are back again. One of the most popular fashion items. I am so glad the goats skin jackets did not make it back and the alpaca ones !

    Keep smiling


  • I like them because they hide a multitude of sins, like swollen knees and ankles. The swishy feeling round my legs and the freedom. Wheeeeeee!!!!!

  • My favourite coat from that era was red leather with white fur around the cuffs collar and hem. I used to polish it to death with saddle soap. Do you remember those too?

  • I'm desperately looking for one to take on hols with me I love the look. Bought several online none of which fitted, all too big, but I suppose at some point between now and Sept when I go, I could find my way to the same store you got yours and have a go at trying some on, they have a petite range which might help. Thanks for giving me the idea grannypip :-)

    Btw........ Maybe a skateboard rather than roller skates might be a good idea if you're anything like me, I couldn't even stand up on them let alone move, likewise with ice skates - many a broken wrist or ankle in attempts to do either, eventually my dear mother, bless her, said "no more" after the umpteenth visit to

    A&E. :o

    Foggy x

  • You could be right even before knee replacements I was never any good on any kind of wheels. Fell off my bike once right over the handlebars. Big scar under right knee, yet another reason to hide my legs under a long frock.

  • Hehehe. In my local monastery there was a monk they called "castors" because it looked like he was on them.

    Buy some from Am*z*n or *b*y, and see his face when he opens the parcel.

    Bad Badger

    sneaks off to grin slyly in a corner.

  • LOL sounds like perfect solution xx

  • Wheels on heavy objects excellent idea!!! Wheels on me? Maybe I should have thought that one out a little longer. Not such a good idea.

  • You lot are putting me in the mood for a nice new maxi dress :) I have a multitude of sins to hide :p

  • Ha ha what have I started? Try not to look like you're floating on castors. According to my husband it's not a good look. Oh heckythump go for it what does he know?

  • I've just ordered two more on line in the Debenhams sale! Two for the price of one! Am I allowed to say that? I'm a newbie so not sure. Hamble will slap my wrist if I'm out of line. :) Maybe I'm in defiant mood today!

  • Excuse me, excuse me, just trying to get to the top of the queue. Hubbies are useful, but not always for clothes :P

  • what are you implying oh floaty one? I'm a sweetie :)

    it's ok just don't add a link to them.

  • LOve long skirts, hide the terrible legs and knees, have been wearing the samelong skirts that I bought back in 1995, I laughed and my eyes ran thinking about the castors and wheels, brill thing at this hour of the morning, ttfn

  • I have the best husband in the world love him to bits really. Couldn't have picked better second time around. He won't mind one bit me having a joke at his expense.

  • I love that thought ,you can circular board in Aldiss for about 5.00 that would confuse him just get him to slide you along say your a darlik :-) x

  • Love it!

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