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Bah, Humbug!

Bah, Humbug!

Beckyglen has commented that a lot of us seem to be having flares at the moment, and I feel for her, as I too am more than usually screwed up at the moment!

My GP thought it might be the annual 'flu jab, and in my more sensible moments I agree that this seems logical, but I have a suspicion that it's the onset of the annual Christmas insanity that bothers me. I dread it every year, and always seem to get a flare during the dark days of November.

Not sure why I'm like this, 'cos I opted out of the Christmas squabbles years ago. I buy presents and cards for the nearest and dearest, but I refuse to visit anyone, or to go to any parties.

I do, however, get in plenty of nice snacks and drinks and keep 'open house', and it's surprising how many people turn up, all seeking sanctuary from the family in-fighting that seems to be prevalent during the Season of Goodwill.

Why do we put ourselves through this?

It's impossible for everyone to be merry and joyful all at once just because tradition says so, and the close proximity of relatives that we may not get on with is bound to cause problems. My late in-laws used to give a Christmas afternoon tea every year, and it would always end in screaming matches between various factions.

In those days I was a ward sister and usually worked on Christmas day, so I could avoid some of the conflict, but at work I naturally observed that people became ill, broke bones, gave birth, and even died - irrespective of the seasonal festivities.

I lost count of how many tearful relatives have said to me: 'Oh, Sister! How could this happen at Christmas?'

It was difficult for me not to reply that things happened like this because Christmas is just another day!

Being a sentimental old thing, I still love the sound of Christmas carols on a frosty night, and I like the look of a prettily trimmed tree. I enjoy a mince pie and a sherry, and I love to watch my grand daughter with her presents.

All these things are dear to me, but the partying, the over eating and the forced jollity leaves me cold, and I can't be bothered with it all.

Does anyone else feel like this about the Festive season, or am I just a beastly old curmudgeon?

P.S. If George Clooney offered to kiss me under the mistletoe, I think I could put up with that!

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Ive felt like this for a while and not at home this xmas (visiting OH family xmas week) and all o want to do is hibernate from dec 21st till jan 3rd oh and lost my maternal grandmother on april who i was close too.


Sorry for your loss hun. I cannot hibernate from 21st as that is hubbys birthday, and apparently that is the day the world is supposed to end, so he is insisting we have his birthday the day before. I suppose there is some logic in there somewhere xxxxx


So sorry about your loss ( Big hugs). I hope you have a very peaceful and stress free Crimbo!

Luv Moffy x


I thinkif George Clooney offered to kiss me under the mistletoe hun I would find the energy to run>>>>in the opposite direction. I am not being rude but he leaves me feeling cold, and I guess we all have people we do not like. Now if Ozzy was to be offering the kiss I would fall inot his arms, literally as I would faint lol. But I love Xmas but only since I met hubby about 26 years ago, memory fails me somewhat. But I do not go out any more over the festive period. I find it much safer to be at home where I can relax. We get lots of visitors because they are all so understanding of my plight and not just the fibro. We laways have enough food in to feed a small army and then some and thismakes me happy, nothing wrong with how you feel about it all. xxxxx


Meant to say I am about 5 weeks into a fibro flare and 3 weeks into a COPD flare. I need to be better before December 30th xxxxx


I have this arrangement with my hubby, two sons and my dear mum, that no matter what carnage is in the extended family, we WILL have a lovely Christmas! We all put our absolute everything into ensuring that this happens. I don't see my daughter any more, which is a constant heartbreak to me especially as she's recently had a baby I have never met, but at Christmas I try to channel this negative emotion into a positive one for everyone else. it's hard, but I am determined that Christmas will not be spoilt over my personal heartbreak.

This Christmas will be the second without my daughter, but the first one in our new house and again we are determined with mum to make it a great one! We will succeed and have a great time, as we always do! It just requires determination and for everyone to feel the same that Christmas is for family and special times together. :) xxx

Hope you feel better really soon Ozzy xxx


I had a falling out with my Eldest daughter last year (my fault) and last Christmas was miserable. Really missed her and my grand-kids. But i sent new-year txt and her hubby rang me. was very emotional but good start to 2012. We've mended our relationship,but has been months of call and then visits....

Don't give up, reach out to her....xxxx


Hi all.

I LOVE Christmas, always have and always will. When the kids were young we alternated between mine and OH's parents but now they come to us. OH loves cooking which is great as there is no way I could do it. Even though both children have left home they always come back for Christmas Day. I used to love doing things to make it magical for them. I was gutted when they stopped believing!

We all cope in our own way and I know, for what ever reason, some people had Christmas.

My son is 24 on 23rd Dec, you can imagine the fun we had when he was younger can't you.

Take care all.

Piggie hugs xxxxxxx


Hubby's birthday is on the 23rd December Piggie, he's excited already lol! He's just a big kid bless him! xxxx


I have to do all the cooking and baking, hubby doesn't cook! :O


I love christmas and despite not well enough to party like old times,

The tree will be up anytime soon as hubby is the one who insists!

He woukd have it up all year!!

He put it up last year whilst i was out visiting to suprise me lol.

Trying to cheer me up as when you only suffered cosistently for a short while you need that motivation or it would stay in the box!

Well what will be will be and we will try enjoy the best we can.

Hats on christmas dinner frim crackers a must, champers on table with a display

Games on Boxing Day and just Ahhhhhh Relax


I got family who hate it and i appreciate some do not like it.

Its possibly more hard wrk than being at wrk.

You do what you feel best xxxxxx


That sounds like my family Christmas, great fun! :) xxxx


I suffer with stress anxiety and depression aswell as everything else fibro brings. This time of year is the worst time for me and tbh ladies i need all the support i can get. All my close Rlf love this time of year and do not understand what i go thru or how hard it is.


I'm somewhat Bah! Humbug! about Christmas, not being christian it doesn't have a place in my life, although I enjoy the lights and carols, and I have occasionally been to a Midnight Mass. I hate the runup though, all the hype and 'Jingle Tills' in the stores, and the crowds in the last week.

Also, I find that once the weather turns cold and damp, I start with the flares, which makes moving around difficult, not counting the fact that I have no heating in my house. Most of my time I'm bundled up in clothes and in a sleeping bag to boot!

Cheers, Midori


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