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Does the DLA bother to look at the form you fill in?

This is the third time I have completed a form for DLA and I am still being refused for any money I am beside myself, I just can't take anymore.

I filled in the form in detail until I was sore with reading and writing, I can hardly walk around in the ground floor flat we have to live in and I rarely go outside, I am incontinent and have IBS and I am in need of constant bathing, I can barely get in the bath and need a bath aid and someone to help me wash myself I even need help to wipe my bottom. I suffer terribly with dizzy spells and keep bumping into things.


DLA say I do not qualify for any help, I totted up the amount of help I need and it comes to over 600 minutes a day and this is a genuine need, what am I doing wrong?

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Get a social worker!!!! Ring the council and ask for the Adults with Physical disabilities team.Explain everything to them and ask for an assessment of your needs.At the very least they can write a letter to DLA to strengthen your should also be able to have a care package put in place to help you (this is totally separate from DLA and the social workers get funding for you.


Small womder you are sick and tired!!If you haven't already done so please send for the free guides from the works and pensions web site. Just email and they will send it to you as an email attachment. I used them myself and they were incredibly helpful as they make you consider the questions from different perspectives. You could also ask your local CAB or benefits advisory service if they could help you as it sounds to me at least, as if you should be entitled to something for both care and mobility. Good luck and don't give up without a fight! Jane x


Thank you to both of you, both very helpful


Sometimes I think they do not look at the forms and sometimes I think they think we cannot possibly be that bad. I was awarded DLA low care and high mobility some years ago on an indefinite basis. You could do with someone from Welfare Rights too to help you fill in the forms. I hope you get it sorted out soon. It is no fun having to keep fighting all the itme xxxx


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