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Hi, my DLA will be reviewed in March 2015. Does anyone know how or where I can get the form to see if it has changed (maybe less pages!!).

I know it's being done over the phone but I get flustered and can't see myself answering properly and would like to know if the form is still an option.


I really appreciate this site as I always find a lot of answers just by reading other peoples posts etc.

And I know i'm not alone in my suffering and other people understand what I'm going through.

Gentle Hugs to everyone xx

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Hi bel, glad you find the site friendly and helpful, thankyou for your comments :)

It might be the PIP form you recieve. I haven't seen one yet.

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Hi hamble, I honestly don't know how you can be expected to explain everything in a phone call.

Like everyone I have all kinds of stuff that comes with Fibro so I think it would be a very long phone call and would they even listen? Hope I get a form lol xx


Hi Bel29,

I've not heard about PIP being decided by telephone only??

How can they make a decision over the phone conversation. I suffer badly from fibro fog, forgetfulness, terribly fatigue, while completing forms take me days. I couldn't do that over a phone call. No way they must give people a choice of either telephone or forms surely?

Well we will have to wait and see. Whoever hears first please inform us all.

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My DLA was till 2015 but I had a letter asking/ telling me to apply by phone to apply for PIP. I rang and had to answer some questions which were really confirmation of the DLA details then I recieved aPIP2 form through the post with a deadline of 4 weeks which I am waiting for help from Mosaic to fill in then I guess its medical and wait for another brown envelope. They did ask my permission to contact my GP and any other people who could confirm my conditions. Sorry to be barer of bad news but PIP2is quite a long form.



My renewal was sent out to me a whopping 20 weeks in advance . So long before I queried it


There will be a chance that the DLA will be no more and the new PIP will take it's place. You will have to talk to them first and they will then send you a PIP2 form which is unique to you. Go to CAB or Age uk for advice as the way that the form is answered can make or break the claim.

Be wEll


Hi bel29,

It is only a phone call to ask for the forms to be sent out, you then fill in as normal,it is very likely that you will be sent pip forms as dla is being phased out. Questions are different and mobility distance has altered been recalculated to 20 mtr i believe. So it is definately a good idea to get help filling them in correctly either with cab or other advisory service. All the best

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Hi, one of the best info places out there is a site called Benefits and Work. You will see comments from other people who have used it for DLA, PIP and ESA. Without it I would never have filled the forms in properly, ESA works on points system so saying you can do certain things sometimes or all the time can give you NIL,points. They explain it so well that it is worth paying there small fee, then you download it and do it from your home. Apparently, some forms you can download online like DLA, my friend just did it, which makes life a lot easier.

Good luck.


Hi Everyone thank you so much for all your replies. Just thought I'd let you know that my Brown envelope arrived today and its the DLA FORM, so at least I have a better idea what I'm doing lol.

Strange I just posted yesterday and then it arrived. Need to get my Fog cleared before I start

Take care and Gentle Hugs xx


Hi, you just answer a few questions on the phone to see if you are eligible, then they send you the lovely 44 page form to fill in, then if you are like me you wait 12 months for assessment! Wish you luck!


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