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Morning All welcome to Wednesday the 21st November Did the extra strong meds work?

Well I spent most of yesterday comatosed I did indeed sleep lots but at all the wrong times. Did I still feel the pain yes it was disguised a bit but ever present.

The answer is I think to use the extra strong on nights when the pain is terrible- when it is horrible a lower dose at least means I can function and be slightly useful in the universe.

So now I need to see my Rheumatologist and see what he recons - the appointment he was sorting with the bone man has never come through- I do feel like a ginea pig at times- so today I am going to wrap christmas and try to consider cards. At least this will divert me for a while

Any one know where VG has gone she seems to have vanished - do hope she is okay.

Right of to try wrapping up that gorgeous balance bike for my grandson :) xgins

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Morning Gins, I hope you get your meds sorted so your body can be a bit more stable, Its bad when you have to chuck pill after pill down your throat just to be reasonably comfortable, I dont know about you but I feel so hung over when I take extra meds.

I've IB's VG, its been a few days since she was on, hope she's ok. Maybe got this rotton cold/flu virus whats going about.


Susan xxxxxx


morning Gins hope you are feeling better enjoy your card writing I dont send cards now I give the money to charity my hand writing is so bad now I feel ashamed I to noticed VG has not been on for few days I dont write blogs but do enjoy reading them you take care now gentle hugs love beth x


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