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Hi there,has anyone got an automatic tablet dispenser,i got mine through local care line,it's absolutely free and brill.having memory probs i decided to have one.It's battery operated and makes a beeping noise at the time of your meds,it will bleep for up to an hour,i don't have to sit and think, did i take my tablets? .It's done for me so great.yours jacksiex

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  • This sounds like a great idea. I have to start taking tabs 3 times a day next week. I'm okay with am and pm but the one in the middle I know I will forget. Where do I go to get one?

  • hi pepper,i got mine from the council called careline,a young girl came to a fibro meeting one day and told us of various things you could have done by the council,such as locks safety in your home all sorts,grab handles etc.Think you have to be classed as disabled for these perks, but that dispenser is brill i was forgetting my tablets all the time not anymore,phone your local council and ask.unforgettingly jacksiex.

  • hi jacksie - interesting post what can you have done with locks ?

    also interested in the ahtomatic tablet dispenser

    thanks in advance x

  • take it from me it's saved me from thinking ,have i took my dose or not,being scared of taking it twice,the dispenser will bleep up to an hour until you take your tablets out,it is battery operated and rotates by the times set to take your tablets.I know now without thinking that i have had my correct dose at the right times,very happy with it,i'd recommend it for everyone,if you are on serious tablets you need to know if you have taken them once not twice.I got it from the council careline,they delivered it to me and set it up.Locks i mean those where you can open your door so far when someone knocks also window locks ,any thing really for the safety of you in your home.It's one less thing for me to worry about,my memory is terrible as you yourself may experience.great thing to have,jacksiex.

  • thanks for that yes the tablets are serious and would not want to double take them - thank you very much for that. Belinda

  • what area of the country are you in Jacksie ?

  • i set the alarm on my mobile phone to remind me , my Grandaughters would chime" tablet time Granny " whenever it went off .

  • suppose you can use your phone,but i have filled every compartment with 2 weeks supply of daily pills,so now i don,t have boxes of pills lying around,saves me fiddling ,i just turn box upside down they fall into my hand job done.bleeping sometimes jacksiex

  • I have the normal dispenser trays. I always take the clean washing up at 4pm so I never forget lol xxxxx

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