Thats just great ?Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

I cant believe went to get something out of my car thought i woulsd start it to clear screen and guess what it wont start so that is just great!!!!! i think i need new battery so now i have got to sort that out before i go down and sort housing out for gods sake i wish i had stayed in bed. hope you all having a better day? it s only 7.30 what else is going to happen today? will prob get the old dragon down the housing benefit office that everyone tries to avoid lol OH well you all take care love and soft hugs Diddle xx

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  • Oh Diddle, that's just bloody typical! Have a cuppa and get a cab. x

  • Yeah isnt it just !!!! oh well never mind thats how the day is gonna be which means it prob wont go well down housing place? but hay ho will go to garage jus round corner and get my partner or my dad to drop me in town ( and maybe pick me up) if i am lucky if not it walking for me jus what i need today is it friday 13th??? lol no its bad diddle day , take care and soft hugs to you love diddle xxx

  • Oh no, not a good start to the day Diddle.

    I'm working today, a 2.5 year old for 10 hours but I love her to bits, she is so funny and laid back. :)

    I can't believe I slept for 10 hours last night. TEN!!! I've ached just about everywhere you can ache for a couple of days and felt really tired but never thought I'd sleep for that long. Bet I pay for it tonight lol.

    Good luck at the housing benefits office, tell em you want to see someone else, not the old dragon! xx

  • Lol thanks will do , just typical this is the one day i wanna jus get there and back and jus chill !!! now i gotta get battery prob £40 ++++ never mind put the mask and be nice (AHHHHH) happy day to you and love and soft hugs Diddle x

  • I'm putting my mask on as we speak - type :) ready for the day.

    Hope you get it all sorted and can chill for the rest of the day. xxx

  • Thanks sue lol awful rant there but just letting it out lol take care hope you got a lovely mask on today ? love and soft hugs diddle xx

  • Just been round to a friends to do some washing (mine's bust) and forgot to put any detergent in so I'm doing it again! Fog, fog, fog!

  • Hope your day gets better Diddle - great name!

  • thanks me too x and the name is what my whole family call me x my name is jill and my sister could not say it when she was little and called me diddle how does that work so that it my nieces call me auntie diddle never have called me jill lol so that is the origin of that , love yo you and big soft hugs diddle xx

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