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NHS: are you thankful

I ask this as i believe we are lucky to have it, i know it may take forever to get seen and some doctors/specialists are crap with their bedside manner and alloew their personnel beliefs to get in the way but on the whole i'm grateful. I'm grateful to be in Wales as well because we don't pay for prescriptions because i would not be able to afford them that's for sure.

Please share your thoughts xx

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yes, I too am extremely thankful and grateful for the nhs and free prescriptions in Scotland.

I have to say I've so far had great experiences with all my care. the only time I've ever had cause to complain about nhs care levels was when I was pregnant and needing special tests done and they tried to bully me. but I stood my ground and was later told I ws right to have done so.

I know I'm still at the relative beginning of my journey, as yet still officially undiagnosed, still searching for possible causes of my problems, but as I said, I've had really great lovely people caring for me, and have genuinely felt cared for.

As for the financial side, I'd never have been able to afford all the tests let alone any other care and prescriptions if I'd had to fund them myself, and I'm grateful that we don't have to have health insurance with all the paperwork and red tape that creates, too!


yes i am so grateful, withiut it i would not have been able to have major surgery twice to keep me out of a wheelchair, the CONSULTANT WAS BRILLIANT but has retired now. Although i was mis diagnosed as being lazy as a child and given wrong physio and advice he restored my trust


I'm grateful for the NHS for 2 reasons,the first one is iv always been treated with respect and understanding when i have needed to see the Doctor at the surgery or at the hospital and secondly I work for them,I'm under occy health and so far they have treated me well over my fibro and the amount of time I have had off,my manager is doing all he can for me to stay in my job at the hospital,I am also grateful that I have a job and still able to work even though its on very light duties...x


yes I am as could never afford private. have been under hospital since I were a few months old, so I can't imagine what my life would have been like without it. I agree about drs should allow their own personal believes to infringe in their job. just wrote about that on another thread, so won't go on about it, but I have met many rude drs over the years and it's all down to their person ways. I thought they had a strict code of conduct, funny how some seem to get away without following it. must admit I recently heard one of my old drs had been structure off. I just wish I had the courage to complain at the time.

I think we are very lucky, I wish we didn't have to pay for prescriptions in England though!! xxx


I honestly can't fault the NHS in my experience. Over the years I've had three children, had 6 operations, various Consultants and GP's over the years too, stayed in various hospitals and I cannot fault any of it.

My only grievance is spending a fortune on prescriptions every three months!


It is comforting to hear that we are thankful to have free healthcare, i get annoyed when i hear people complain, they need to be thankful because those poor people in other countries that can't afford to even see a nurse or get the meds they need.

WEll done to Britain for keeping it going. ( i must admit though the private health care i recieved in Germany was amazing - army paid for that though, i certainly couldn't afford it, but i would prefere a place where i understand what people are saying.



I am grateful that we have it as I know I could not afford to pay, I think if I had I would sit there and suffer xxxxx


I'm grateful for the NHS as without it I probably wouldn't be here. Both my daughters were induced and the second was an Emergency Caesarean. I hadn't started dilating and she was panicking and had to be delivered there and then.


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