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So, How are you?

How are you today, Dixieboo... I'm not feeling great, I had really bad cramp all night.

Do you think it's because you are using too much salt?

No I've got Fibromyalgia... which I've told you about?!?

Hi Dixieboo, How are you? Well not great, I've been feeling really confused and can't concentrate.

Really, are you drinking enough water? No, I've told you I have Fibromyalgia.

Hi Dixieboo, how are you feeling today? Not great, I've got shooting pains in my head and up my legs and it really hurts.

That's awful I didn't realise you get migraines... I don't I have Fibromyalgia which I've told you all about.

Hi Dixieboo you're looking well.... Actually I'm feeling really awful I seem to be itching and aching all over, and my ribs really hurt.

Oh well you look really well have you been doing too much gardening, perhaps its the soil??? No I know this is hard for you to understand but as I've said I have Fibromyalgia.

Hi Dixieboo how are you??? I'm really down and I've been crying a lot so could really do with a bit of understanding and support.

Oh, are you sure its not the menapause you know you are at that age :{ ?!?! No, I've had my hormones checked 5 times, thank you, I HAVE FIBROMYALGIA.

Dixieboo, your e-mails contain dreadful spellings and so do the reports you've written and sometimes the sentences don't make sense? Yes, I'm sorry but I have a condition called Fibromyalgia which I've told you about and sometimes this is something that happens.

Dixieboo, have you been drinking because you keep slurring your words and keep forgetting what you are saying? No, I've not drunk anything it is Fibromyalgia I gave you a leaflet to read.... :(

Hi Dixieboo.... How are you today??? Actually I'll make it easier for you, I'm absolutely fine.

These are all things that friends or family have said to me and I've been so thankful to FibroAction and other sites that give a chance for those with this condition to feel as though they are supported.

Sorry for the long post but I've been wanting to do this one for a long time. Soft hugs, Dixieboo

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Hi Dixieboo. I know exactly what you mean, people really are quite the pits at times, aren`t they? this is what `FRIENDS` do to me, it is so frustrating, because, you don`t want pity or even sympathy, but just a little caring The trouble is I think, they just don`t listen, because they are too full of themselves, and are absolutely beyond thinking about someone else even for a few minutes. I sometimes play a little game with my neighbours, I tell them I don`t feel too well and have a pain perhaps in my shoulder or whatever, and usually their very first reaction is `look at my foot how swollen it is, or well I have arthritis and am always in pain, or the such like, and everything they say, I say I have a pain somewhere else, it really can be quite entertaining, naughty I know, but, it just tees me off, that they don`t listen to you, and couldn`t care less anyway, of course, a lot of the time. I don`t complain to them anyway, it isn`t worth it.. However love, at least on this web site, you know people care, and their comments and thoughtfulness really does help, so, here`s wishng you a good day today, hope you`re not in too much pain right now, lots of gentle hugs, and try to have a laugh with someone during the day, and keep positive.

Lyndia x


We have fibro and look healthy .... Maybe some friends and neighbours have illnesses and look healthy too .. My friends OH looks fine , but he actually has a serious heart condition ... He doesn't mention it ..when I see him I don't mention my illness... In fact I don't mention it to anyone unless they suddenly see me on my mobilty scooter or using my sticks its not that I am ashamed of my illness .. I have had It so long now I think maybe others are suffering too and don't need me complaining at them ...

Here every knows what it's like so we can complain knowing people will understand...

Hope you are feeling a bit better now dixieboo

Vg x


Hi Dixieboo that was like reading my friends conversations to me. What I really do hate is if I am seen out buy anyone that knows me,they will say to my husband or daughter...great to see she is better now she has had a rough time. To which my OH says she is not better she was off to the hospital or Dr not been out socially for ages. and the usual reply is " Well never mind she looks well! "

Hope you are feeling as well as you can be x Gentle rainbow hugs ((((((((((((((((( ;-) ))))))))))))))


Hi Dixieboo,a wonderful blog,really sums up the attitudes of some peeps I too don't mention it unless I really have to like needing to be off work,luckily my close friends and my family are great and understanding,take care xxx


Hi Dixieboo a great blog...I totally understand how you feel.....

Hope you are feeling as good as we can expect today xx


I actually had an experience recently where OH and myself were in the shops getting a few groceries, we met his sister and said hello, she said hello back and promptly told me and complained about all the sickness she had recently all smoking related, she was in work and going out for a 'smoke' doesn't want to give them up....Then she said "Well you look great anyway!"

I was having an ok day after a bad few days, I was about to answer her, but decided just to say "well we'd better be off" and then just said to my OH as we walked away that there just wasn't any point saying anything to her about that fact that how I look and how I feel/am are not the same!


That's exactly how I meant my post and hope that I've not come over as self-pitying.... I'm really well compared to how I was a couple of years ago and the things I've said have just been a collection of responses over the years. Luckily, like you I have a great OH who is really supportive, and also (and hope I'm not stereotyping too much) surprisingly, a really understanding mother-in-law. I was trying to get across that I don't think people understand about Fibro and even though one tries to explain it just comes over as whinging when the majority of us look the same as we ever have. I don't know about others reading but I also feel guilty saying anything when I have a couple of friends with MS, one who has a brain tumour etc, I shouldn't complain about anything. Hope this makes sense and thanks for all the replies. x


sounds all too familiar xx


I have a friend who is usually quite understanding; but as you can imagine, her illnesses are always worse than yours. Sometimes it feels like a competition; so I just stay quiet and make the right noises in the right places. I did try to explain that having fibrositis (think that's how it's spelt) in the shoulder was not the same as having fibro. But I was told that well you just have to get on with it, I have had fibrositis for years. Also do you think you are imagining it worse than it really is; you can get over it you know!! Deep breath!!

Hey ho, same old, same old....anyway hope you are feeling a little better soon

Tannels xx


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