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Rather than the usual Jack in the box. I was responding to someones post before about numbness in the hands etc and my reply got me thinking. I have bad problems with my lower back but no one can find out why, even MRIs came back 'nothing significant'. The problem I have is when I sit down within two minutes my legs and feet have gone to sleep, within five minutes the arms and hands and the neck have joined the slumber party. This means I have to get up again. It takes about 7 minutes for everything to tingle and then go back to normal so I sit down again. Within five minutes I am back up again. I feel like a kids Jack in the box in and out of the lid every 5-7 minutes. Anybody else this bad? Physio said she cannot manipulate my spine and she took a fair few visits trying to do so to no avail, then discharged me back to the care of my GP as there was nothing she could do to help me. In the morning I have to roll OUT of the bed onto the floor to get up. Thank god for fluffly rugs xxxxx

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  • That sounds horrid OG. I feel dreadful in the mornings but I can at least usually stand up even if my feet feel like they are walking on broken glass. I guess I should count my blessings! You might have already tried this but have you considered seeing a chiropractor? It might be worth a try if you haven't but discuss with your GP first in case they don't agree. Jane x

  • I suggested this to him some time ago and he feels that this is not for me becasue they cannoot find the cause of my lower back problems. So I am in limbo lol xxxxx Lin

  • That sounds a bit like me in the morning Ozzy! I sit on the edge of the bed psyching myself up to get up! Sometimes I crawl and then pull myself up on my chest of drawers. I dread anyone coming in, it's not a pretty sight first thing in the morning. The things we have to put up with hey!

    Bless you Ozzy! (((hug))) xxx

  • I would love to do the sitting up bit first lol but my lower back will not bend properley without me screeching in pain, I could give a parrot a run for its money on the noise front. I pull the covers off, grab the bedsider and just roll lol. Sometimes if I sit in the living room and I need the loo I go forward off the couch and onto all fours and crawl. The dog thinks it wonderful and I am playing some sort of game lol.

  • Hello Ozzygirl, I too have dreadful lower back pain usually when I sit down, when I get up it intensifies for a few seconds. I also get numbness in both my legs but its only usually really bad when I, erm, sit on the toilet too long!lol. I lose both my legs then get pins and needles followed by cramp. I've always assumed, and this may or may not be the case with you, that I put pressure on the sciatic nerve when I sit down sometimes. It might be posture too, some of my pain is posture related I think. I would ask your doctor for advice, they are much cheaper than a chiropractor. Hugs x

  • I have no idea why it happens, and nor does my GP and even physiocannot fathom it out. She just said she could not manipulate the lower spine. She said 'after 20 years in the job yours is only the second spine I have not been able to move'. I tried all the exercises she gave me back then, could I do them without pain, nope. On her second attempt she gave up and sent me back to my GP for future care. Then neuro suggested physio, and GP has not referred ma as he said there is no point in trying to manipulate something that aint moving. So I am stuck with it lol xxxxx

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