Worse in the morning

I have recently had a flare up a rather nasty one which affected my CFS too. The last few days I have woke with so much fatigue I struggle to keep my eyes open and my whole body hurts but especially my feet legs and hands and I almost wet myself cos I daren't walk to the bathroom for the pain yet I went to be feeling ok. I am on dihydrocodiene and paracetamol and using a heat pad. I'm wondering if my dose of amytriptiline needs increasing from 50mg although this did affect my moods before.

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  • Soory to hear your in a bad flare up honey, try to stay positive xxxx

    I'm on 75 mg of amatryptiline and sometimes it increases to 100 or 150 mg i just have to allow for the hangover the next day which isn't often these days as i'm used to it. xxx

  • It's just so frustrating I am mum to two young boys and just started my teacher training and there have been some placement issues and I think the stress has triggered the flare up. All I want is to have a career again but it's so hard to maintain good health. I am going to increase the amitryptilinne a little for a few days and switch on the heat sheet/pad I think. Thanks for the reply xx

  • May I ask what time you are taking your Amitriptyline please. This can have an extreme effect on how tired/drowsy you are the next day. Sometimes it isn't the dose that's the cause of our fatigue, it's the time we are taking our tablet/s. xx

  • I have chronic fatigue syndrome in addition to the fibro. I understand all about the side effects of amitryptilinne and thankfully drowsiness or hangover feeling isn't one I've suffered with.

  • It's the effects of moods swings that I have had problems with when my amitryptilinne has been increased significantly in the past it was due to it clashing with the effects of the pill and hormone imbalance etc and I was on an ssri too but I've since come off these.

  • I feel like that often but more so now than usual. I also take Amitrips but I take 50mg around 5-6pm. But then I am still up al night long but I am not on pain meds at all unless I hit the paracetamol. xxxxx

  • You may have to take your Amitriptyline a bit later than that Ozzy to have any effect during the night.

  • Hun I have tried them at all different times over the years lol. But 5-6pm seems to be better for me, I sleep in fits and starts as the cluster headaches wake me up again. Not even sure WHY I have a bed anymore, I sure could make better use of the space it would make if it were gone xxxxx

  • You are prob better off taking them at least an hour before bed and try not to leave it too late for example allow for at least 6-8 sleep. Although I very rarely sleep that long myself, apart from last night I used the heat pad which is as big as me when I went to bed for and hr then on again at five. Walking this morning has been easier although still painful.

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