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chronic fibromyalgia

I really don't know what to do next? I had my DLA stopped October last yr I re applied and ended up appealing. Before it was stopped I got high mobility and mid care I cant even walk some days I also had stroke and other things .

I went to court of appeal Friday and I was in horrendous pain on my scooter as could not walk a bad day I had was running 1hr late then to top it all off i lost appeal I,m gutted. What next

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i'm so sorry to hear what has happened. is there any way you can ask for an appeal to be reconsidered… i think you can go higher, but you my need new extra medical evidence. they keep changing the rules so i am not up with them at the mo, but its worth checking . good luck xx ((hug))


Good luck with another appeal bindilou but please take someone with you.

Hugs x x xx


Right 1st thing 1st , relax, try not to get stressed. I have been through the same thing and I know how you feel it was terrible. I will not go into my details I know you just would like yours sorted out and hopefully backdated. Did anyone go with you. Did you have letters from your consultant and GP. Do you have welfare rights in your area. CAB was no good for me and welfare rights sorted it out for me. They helped with the appeal and if it goes higher which you can they will also help with that too. They will look out for your money back dated also. Please let me know how you are getting on, or it you need more information, just send me a message and I will see if I can help you out and compare yours to mine. Big Hugs try and keep smiling, just remember you are entitled to this (so be angry) x



Sorry to hear your troubles. I hope you can reappeal and yes take someone with you.

They sent my p60 over the weekend as I have come to the end of my ESA income related. I am now worried I may not get the other one automatically as they said I would be going onto support related but didnt say when.

So I hope you get some answers that you want soon.

hugs xx


can you re appeal on the grounds you were not well the day you went and did not want to cancel and then go to our gp and local citizens advice i do hope you can love diddle x


HI. I just cannot see, if youve been getting a benefit, how can they take it away now. Thats just "rubbing salt into the wound". You still have the same illness(es), you still have the same difficulties and if it was ok for them to pay you then, why not now?? I have Fibro (had it probably about 25 yrs.)Add to that now, arthritis,high blood pressure, and depression, so Im worse now than in 2006 when I started getting long term sick Income support.Im on ESA now and waiting to go to appeal tribunal.There are a lot of people worse than me and they have lost their benefits,so what chance have I got? Dreading it. But you keep fighting and i wish you all the luck in the world.


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