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Quick update on babycats

Thank you to everyone who commented on my earlier post. Cats are both home and desperately trying to get the plastic buckets off their heads.

I know it's only a routine operation but after Razia's cat died following spaying I was a bag of nerves not so much about Lucien but more Khaleesi cos she only weighs 2.5 kilos. Add on the weight of the carry case x 2 to carry though and plus driving and I am now in a lot of pain.

Think the other 2 are enjoying the peace tho lol x

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Oh glad they are okay :) xgins


I'm so glad they're OK :)

I can appreciate how you're feeling, I had to take my 6kg cat to the vets a few weeks ago for dental treatment. I live in an upstairs flat and I don't know how I'd have managed of my downstairs neighbour hadn't come up to investigate the sounds of me trying to manhandle a very reluctant cat into his travel basket. My lovely neighbour carried the basket downstairs and out to my car. He offered to help when we came home too but I always let Marley out at the bottom of the stairs and he charges up the stairs like the hounds of hell are on his heels - I think he'd climb through the letterbox too if he could fit, just to get inside quicker! ;)


did they sleep like little babies hun after the anaesthetic? Glad they're okay :)


Yay glad they are fine! Dreamt about Bengal cats last night lol I'm so impressionable! Xxx


They are eating well (Khaleesi didn't want her medicine though) and they were kept quiet last night but they are downstairs now. Kai is scared of the plastic bucket-head monsters lol.

Khaleesi (Squeeky)just wants to be with her mummy.

Storm x


Ia m so glad everything is okay. I know how hard it is carrying pets around. My dog is 35kg and he has to be carried into the vets lol xxxxx


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