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Worrying to early?

Well not too long ago I wrote about my Pip being turned down at tribunal and now my partner has lost his job worked his last day yesterday 31st August.

We have kept positive and still remain so but I can feel the worry of this starting to build in the deep recesses of my mind. He tells me we can cope with our little bit of savings for at least 6 months, yes we can go now and claim jobseekers it will mean I have to declare myself fit for work.....How?<<This is my major concern but I'm trying to hide my worry from him it's early days right?

I will concentrate on enjoying having him home with me every day helping me and caring for me cos that bit is the bonus to him losing his job yayyy!!

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Try getting a sick note from your gp for your self saying your unfit for work and claim employment support allows as a joint claim it's not a lot I get £212 every 2 week but u can have that and pip when u get it, it will also help towards your pip to if u need know who u need ring speak to anything just ask me Iv just done all this for my step mother and step brother xx


I have been refused pip had to go thru the whole tribunal ect thanks for the advice


Don't use up your savings if you can avoid it. You and your partner should claim everything you're entitled to from day one. If he finds another job soon then great, stop job seekers and with some savings intact. You've both worked hard to keep yourselves out of debt and in the black.

Also sign on for job seekers yourself and for each job application you'll have to declare you have health conditions. You can't be made to apply for jobs that would put you in danger. For example, if your balance is affected, you can't be expected to apply for a job as a roofer. Nor can an employer, or potential employer, expect you to do work you are not fit for.


We have an appointment today to apply for jobseekers, yes I do have limits on the type of jobs I can do for eg. there are loads of vacancies in the MacD just up the road from me but of course epilepsy means I cannot work in the environment of hot cooking utensils machinery (ovens) deep fat fryers ect

I get turned down for retail jobs as they don't feel I can be left unsupervised!!

Anyway marching on...

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Hi, hope it all works out for you 😊


So sorry to read your post it doesn't rain but it pours. I know my husband became ill and I became ill exactly a year afterwards so we lost two wages. Do claim for everything you can. I do hope he gets a new job soon.xxx

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