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When I believe in myself - so do others ........ help yourself from my big bowl of self-esteem there is enough for everyone!!!!

When I believe in myself - so do others ........ help yourself from my big bowl of self-esteem there is enough for everyone!!!!

Eleanor Roosevelt said “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

So the one's that don't believe in me don't need to be in my life.

I often think or feel anger, sadness, disappointment because of something someone said and the way they made me feel.

So today, I am thinking about self belief. Do I believe in my condition? Do I believe I have something to offer the world? I saw a woman yesterday, walking with purpose and direction from the train station. I thought - "I wish I could look like that and be like that" .... and then the lightbulb moment ........ of course, others may look at me like that! Sometimes I walk slowly, but sometimes I walk just fine, with purpose and direction. Things to do, places to go etc. etc.

I have managed journeys on the train to London for work meetings, and in my mind I am considering myself in terms of being the decaying tooth in the set of healthy teeth (bear with me on that analogy) But you know what - no one in that anonymous world is looking on me like that - others may be looking at me and thinking what I was thinking about that other woman.

I am no longer the decaying tooth, I may be slightly discoloured through years of tea and coffee and life in general, but actually, I am the person who is making myself feel inferior to others - I can and do fit into the world around me.

So from this day forward - I am linking up with the person within that believes in myself and does not consider me to be a less worthy part of society because my health isn't what it once was. I am still the 'Superwoman' that I once was and I can still believe in ticking all the qualities that are that woman.

Strength - I am emotionally strong

Dignity - I own my dignity and will maintain what I believe to be dignified for me

Calm - When a crisis arises, I can take a deep breath (or several) and be objective

Intelligence - of course I am intelligent!!

Humour - of course I am funny - I laugh all the time!!

Generosity - I am generous with my time, my love, my smiles

Quick wittedness - we all have our moments

Charisma - someone, somewhere always appreciates my charisma :-)

Sex appeal - we all have this to someone (even if I haven't met them yet)

Approachability - uncannily so ....

Popularity - YES I AM POPULAR

Determination - in abundance

It was a great exercise to say yes to all these wonderful characteristics. I am positive about life today, and believe in myself. I recommend to everyone who is having self doubts to go through this list and 'big yourself up' It is uplifting and has set me up for the day. xx

Wishing you all a great Tuesday :-)

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Thanks for sharing that , made me feel quite emotional but strong . wishing you a great Tuesday too x


Absolutely brilliant, a lovely read and inspirational too! Thanks so much Suzy! :)

Have a lovely day! (((hug))) xxx


Just what everyone needs, thank you so much for sharing, Im the mum of a fibro sufferer and I will show her this, and it gave me a boost too




You are very lucky to feel that way. Plese be mindful that others like myself have been battlong with their self esteem all their lives and may never feel the way rhat you do.


I do appreciate that it is a battle to increase self esteem, I have been struggling with it most of life. I don't intend to belittle or make anyone feel worse, but want to share something positive. Some people find it uplifting to read things about being positive. You can take from it whatever you choose or not if you don't want to. But you are able to work towards a more positive outlook if you want to. I am not affecting your self esteem in a negative way by sharing my positive experiences, but you are choosing to feel affected in the way that do by that information. I hope you have a very happy and sunny day. xx


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