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Not sure what to do!

Hi all I went for a seminar and interview on Saturday to begina foundation certificate in counselling. Just nt sure whether to take the plunge or not. It's a lot of money in the thousands and I would be using money from my parents inheritance which I am also having to live on. I want to do this course for my future,to bring myself some security but am I really up to it that's what's going round my head. Found out that the venue for the course is actually further away than the one I went to,I thought it was going to be held there,there are also three flights of stairs with no lift to where they hold the group. Aarrggghhhhhhh! The lady that interviewed me said there was no way round it. By the time I get to the room I will be totally worn out,any breaks or lunch have to be taken downstairs too.:(. Even on Saturday I tried to keep up with the others who were there and I just couldn't and felt like I would be a pain to everyone.maybe I should look at doing a course elsewhere that is more disabled friendly. Any ideas guys?

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I think you should definately do a course on Counselling, it is for your future and I am sure your parents would want you to spend on something that was going to enhance your life. Is there any chance you could do part of the course from home and just go in when necessary. If not see what other choices you have, there must be other courses suitable for your needs.I wish you every luck. Good on you for trying to better yourself.


oh no no no you should defoe take the course up.i recently enquired about a doing a counselling course at the college near me where my fella goes and it was gonna cost about £645 the first one then it went up.

is spoke to someone about my illness and she said i should go for it.

i explained im not working and they said this course has to be paid .i couldnt afford the course.and i was gutted.have you explained about the illness to the tutor?

maybe you should there would be a way round it im sure and dont be ashamed to ask for help.

also like above said this is for your future and im sure with resting periods and not pushing yourself too hard you could do this.

also what would your parents say about this?i think they would say go for it?as long as your happy?

its a good future counselling .good luck and lifes to short ..x


Awwwww thank you guys guess I'm being rather negative would just hate to spend the money and have to back out. It does look such a good course though and I made friends straight away especially with one lady who was very understanding of fibro and would be doing the same day as me bless her. I will just have to take it very steady up the stairs. Still waiting for my confirmation of a place which is supposed to be some time today.i have been having counselling myself but only once a month now which has massively helped in dealing with this illness and with the loss of my mum and my counsellor feels I would make an excellent counsellor which is praise indeed! She thinks it will be of huge benefit and that I will really enjoy it. I'm sure like you both say my parents would want me to use the. Only in this way.


Have you considered doing an online course? There are lots more available these days and it might solve some of your issues. Looking on the OU might be a start. Just a thought! Jane x


Hi Jane from what I've looked at on the OU website they have an introduction to counselling skills then miss a whole chunk out then have a diploma in counselling but you must study the middle course somewhere else. Online counselling courses are nowhere near in depth as the BACP approved courses which are the ones you need to get really to have a really good qualification as the whole of Counselling and psychotherapy is going to become better regulated. I've found another place that does this course but it's in the evening which is a no no for me really as I switch off mentally about six o'clock lol.


My local college runs introduction to counselling courses.

I applaud you for wanting to do it.

You mention the expense, so

i thought I'd be frank. I hate to be a party pooper but...

It is mentally draining.

It is emotionally draining. Even though they tell you to keep an emotional distance and not take on the clients' problems.

Physically, three flights of stairs!!! and then to study is a lot to ask of you.

Only you knows how well you will cope and I wish you all the best.




I am a qualifide counsellor

yes it is mentally draining and even physically however i was also thinking that your collage is not very diability friendly is it ?

Anyhow not to bore you all with the range of courses available please PM me if you need any advice or help

before you make any choices please make sure its a good course and is an accredetide one

its expencive what ever you do so it needs to be the best choice

gentle dyslexic hugs


Hi! I did the counselling course and am now qualified. I did not tell anyone about my pain and suffering through fibro, raynauds and arthritis. I hit a deep depression because I was so exhausted through trying to raise my young children and doing the course. My mistake was not asking for help when i needed it. I am glad I did the course as it was life changing for me. I would say go for it but let others know you will need support. Take all the help you can get and you will enjoy the course. All the best for the future. x


Thank you so much Louise for that positive input :) I actually went to the venue this morning to see if I could cope with the stairs and I could with not too much problem I just rested between each flight. The course is set in the most beautiful building with fantastic gardens and views think it will be brilliant place to learn. Anyway I've just accepted the place!! So onwards and upwards. I have been very open about my health issues and they have said they will help me all they can. Now I've made the descision I feel much better and feel like I've got a future again. Well done to you for getting throu it all,that can't have been easy! Xxx


oh I'm so pleased! and it sounds a lovely setting. You seem to have a good handle on it and I wish you well.




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