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Doctors are useless!!!

Anyone else have trouble getting medication from your gp that your consultant has prescribed? Every time I need a repeat prescription I have to phone and end up needing to see someone because its not on repeat on the computer! Frustrating as I'm quite forgetful so it ends up being last minute that I ring for a repeat as I forgot to do it in time. Getting

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Two things worth considering when looking at the administration at a GP practice,

1 a consultant does not have the same cost constraints as a GP always searching for the cheapest option.

2 administration is rarely carried out by the doctor that you see, the practice manager is a good starting point for resolving such issues.


I had an interesting experience with this one. Went to the Pain Clinic for the first time and was told to use Capsicum cream and the consultant gave me a letter to give to the doctor asking him to prescribe. Well I thought World War 3 was going to break out you should have heard the Practice Manager moaning and not wanting to give it to me. She said in our area it had been agreed that if the item was presrcibed by the hospital the first time the hospital had to give the prescription and carry the cost and only at the second prescription would the GP's prescribe and pay for it. She was really quite nasty and I was upset as I was in the most tremendous pain, in the end I said this is not fair I saw the specialist at an Outreach Clinic, I therefore don;t know how to contact him and get a prescription and it is hardly my fault.

Fortunately one of the doctors had overheard the conversation, asked me to sit down and tore the Practice Manager off a strip and told her to make sure I had the prescription and they would sort it out later. Now the specialist or Pain Nurse has to formally write asking the doctor to prescribe and as we know these letters can take ages to actually be scanned into the system all the this time we are in pain.

I do now know there are certain meds they won't put on repeat I think Tramadol is one of those which is causing problems for some people.

I find as I am on so many meds that are different doses and were given at different times it is a nightmare. I now use one of those sorting boxes and do a 2 weeks supply so I then have good time to reorder and I actually have it all on a spreadsheet with the amount of tablets I have for each drug and then deduct the amount I have put in my sorting box. It is the only way I cope.

I can imagine your frustration with this and hope you can find some way around it life is complicated enough for us without this.x.


Hello there,

That sounds like a panin in the bum! How easy is it to get an appointment with the doc? I tend do make one and get them to do my prescription right there and then. Not sure if tey helps you or not!xx


I request my prescriptions online.dont know if all practices do this.

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I could ask for repeats online but my doctor would need to put them on repeat on the computer which they haven't which is why i m having issues. Non of my meds are on repeat! If I could remember to do in on time that would be easier but foggy brain doesn't always let that happen, it still means a trip across town on the bus with 2 hound children to see a doctor! They don't seam to care getting past the receptionist isn't easy either they're like the dragon at the gate


all mine are on repeat and if I get any new meds I have asked for them to go on repeat at second course.dr did so no problem.some receptionists are good others are a s least helpful as they can be .like Angelseven ,would never remember when to get them ,forever running out.


My medications are all on repeat, but today I was put on tramadol but there was no repeat prescription attached. I'm guessing it's because of the type of medication it is, so have to see Dr so he is in control. I stick my repeat prescription on my pinboard, and also write on my calendar. I have a pill sorted container, it has days of the week, plus split into morning, afternoon etc! I fill up a whole week so can see a week in advance what I am running out of.


Hi Alisonjj, I had tramadol for my fibromyalgia and it caused breathing difficulties. At the time I hadnt been diagnosed with copd so I didnt realize the tramadol made it worse. Tramadol is an opiate which can cause shortness of breath even in certain individuals who dont have lung problems so to take it with copd is an extra risk factor. I gave up the drug myself because it made me breathless (as does co-codemol) but its only since I was diagnosed with copd that Ive realized why I had such problems with it. Its a shame because it was an effective painkiller!

You may be perfectly OK on it but your doc is being rightly cautious before giving you a repeat.

Good luck and I hope you have no problems with it.


I can see that you have been given some wonderful advice and examples of this, I would definitely discuss the matter with your practice Manager.

Good luck


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I can order my prescriptions online and this caused real problems initially as they are all non repeat. I saw my gp and asked if anything could be done about it - she simply by passed the system and changed the settings so that I can now order on repeat. There are still some limitations as it won't let me order early and sometimes the prescription is refused so I have learnt to add a note. This usually works - my foggy brain just needs to remember to order in time.


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