Trouble swallowing tablets?

Been on tablets for quite some time now but recently begun to struggle to swallow some of them. Haven't noticed any effect when eating food so far but concerned. Why would I start to get this? Do a lot of fibromyalgia sufferers get it?


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  • what tablets are you having problems with

  • Swallow with a good spoon of yogurt and that will work. Yes it is common in fibromyalgia. I have same occasionally.

  • I have this problem, I have to take them with a fizzy drink, they seem to float in your mouth making them easier to swallow, with a flat drink they get stuck in my throat and I start choking on them :(

  • My sister can't swallow tablets she have to crunch them up if they are capsules she pull them open and tip it on her tongue x

  • Hello Paulapips64 & all members,

    Please may I just add a word of caution about crushing or taking capsules apart. You should never do this without advice from your GP as some medications could be slow release for instance and these actions may cause you to have dangerously high doses.

    For more information about medications please see the following or speak to your local pharmacist;

    You should consider asking your GP for other alternatives if you struggle with swallowing tablets, as they may be a suspension liquid forms. Please find the link below which gives tips on swallowing medications safely;

    Please be safe

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • I've not ate for 6 days I live off milky brews and av chest pain its horrible, xx

  • Hi Donna I think you should go and see your GP hunny, any chest pain should be checked out. Also, too much dairy in your diet can cause phlemghy (cannot spell it, sorry!) chest and skin irritation.

    Hope you feel better soon and send you healing fluffie cuddles

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I have been having trouble swollowing for years . When it get so that I struggle to even get water down I find that sipping oxo and drinks such as complan keep me going and give a variety of vitamins ect. have you seen your doctor because there are several things that can cause problems swollowing?....sue

  • Some capsules should not be broken in half. Please speak to a pharmacist before doing this..

    Also be very careful talking certain medication with fruit juice, i think i read grapefruit fruit juice is the worse as it interacts badly with so many meds!

    I have struggled to take tablets since i were a child, especially capsules, but im having to take 30+ per day now and can't take them with anything other than plain water. I hate the taste of tap water as i live in a terribly hard water area and a water filter is a must but it still tastes horrible!

  • Hi ladytelita

    As bbstport asks what tablets do you have problems with?

    I think there are many of us who struggle with tablet taking whether its a fibro thing or not I'm unsure. I struggle with some of mine especially the huge horse pills like Pregabalin and they're capsules :o but also struggle with paracetamol........... the flat round ones even when cut in two just stick in my throat. yeurgh nasty taste :( so my pharmacist supplies me with easier ones to swallow.

    Sometimes a chat with your pharmacist can be good if having problems with tablet taking they may be able to help you. Also, very important that you speak to your GP hunny :D

    Best wishes for this festive time and giving you healing fluffie cuddles

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hey Sian. It's the flat round ones, codeine tablets. I need to go back to the GP as they're not helping. She didn't want to give me the tramadol as yet but re-try the codeine despite the dehydration they cause. So far they make no difference whatsoever to pain levels.


  • Yeah! I didn't like the codeine phosphate but my previous GP wouldn't budge at all. when I got a new GP I asked to be referred to see a pain consultant about my pain and it was he that changed my pain meds. I'd been stuck on codeine and paracetamol for years and it didn't do anything for me either really after taking them for a while. Your body gets used to them I think. I'm on S/R tramadol and regular tramadol as a top up now with paracetamol, definitely better but still not beating the pain really :( I'm on Pregabalin too.

    Go back and explain again hunny she can only say no and then you just keep asking and/or ask to be referred to see a pain consultant.

    Let us know how you get on hunny

    Comforting fluffies on route to you

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I've been having a problem with swallowing for quite some time now. Sometimes it feels as though food etc is sticking at the back of my throat & more than once I've thought I was going to choke & been quite distressed by it. I at first I thought it maybe might be the botox I get for TMJ (that's the side I feel is most affected) but the neurologist said no, the jab was too high up my jaw line for that.

    My GP reckoned it could be acid reflux so sent me for a gastroscopy which didn't show up anything & I'm still no further forward. I've been given Omneprazole but it doesn't make any difference.

  • I have had problems with swallowing and looked it up, apparently people with FMA do have problems swallowing and sometimes need thickener to help them, when I have had problems taking medication with juice, I have taken them with a yoghurt as the consistency is thinker and easier to swallow.

    Maybe speak to your doctor about it and see what they can do.


  • some medications you can get in liquid form if you have trouble swallowing tablets,have a word with your g.p ,if you can't get what you take in liquid form ,ask your g.p if he can give you any advice, if they are hard tablets break them in half ,however you can't do that if they are soft capsules with the powder in them,maybe you could take them with food when you swallow??

  • Hi, I've been having trouble swallowing certain foods for a while now. It feels like it gets stuck & then I panic. I keep swallowing to clear it but start choking. As it doesn't happen with everything I eat I've not been to my doctor about it. If my meds get stuck I then eat something to push it down as fluids don't do it

  • Hi Ya,.....lve often have so much trouble in swallowing,sometimes,you think about trying to swallow them it makes you worse,it can be frightening,l have antispasmatic tablets,they are for various spasms but can help as my throat does go into a spasm and feels like someones thumb in pressing on my windpipe and you cant take it off,it once lasted 3 weeks,very frightening,BUT... as awful as it was,just thinking sensibly l could breath ok but felt awful and couldn't swallow tablets,they might help if you ask your doctor. good luck.xx

  • I have difficulty swallowing tablets sometimes and also for the last few years have had no appetite and somedays only have breakfast and I feel full.this isn't fibromyalgia,feeling full is a symptom of OC and along with other symptoms believ ei have this btu at moment cant get my DR to listen to me.

  • I can take most of my tablets with no problem, but can not swallow cocodamol, have to crunch it, also find that some food can stick in my throat and be difficult to swallow but not very often x

  • Dear Ladytelita. I have something similar but not with tablets. My throat goes into spasm and i describe it as my throat wants to throw up, i need to suck on a sweet to reverse the feeling.

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