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To tramadol or not to tramadol that is the question!!!

I am in severe pain not just fibro but pudendal neuralgia , I have a real prob with a lot of drugs , but have read tha tramadol is a synthetic drug( man made) as opposed to a natural opiod

I am going in a week to yet again beg him for something to help the pain and wondered if tramadol makes anyone itch to death

?? Or is it a really bad idea to take tramadol?? I need something

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Hey there Electricjaws,

I have been on Tramadol for a number of years, after trying a plethora of different drugs that gave me bad side effects. I was changed over to Tramulief SR about 18 months ago, which means taking fewer tablets, and the relief it gives does not peak and trough as much.

It is a restricted drug now, but I can honestly say that even though I am still left with a lot of pain throughout, it has been the best at dampening it down. There are obviously side effects, and I am mainly affected with stomach problems, as I already suffer with IBS etc, but in my eyes it is a price worth paying.

Not sure if it would be a drug that your doctor would prescribe readily now, because the restriction was only placed on it last year, but there's no harm in asking.

I wish you luck, and hope that you soon find the right balance that works for you.

Sx :)

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I take Tramadol and the only side effect that I suffer is a dry mouth. I know Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate, don't have a clue if Tramadol is. If you do try them make sure that you take one paracetamol capsule per Tramadol as it allows the Tramadol to work better 🐸

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Hi Electricjaws,

I am taking Tramadol at the moment as I find after taking lots of other pain meds that Tramadol gives me the best pain relief. There is a price to pay though, as it makes me sweat dreadfully from my head and neck! Other than that I find it suits me. It comes in slow release form or normal capsule form. I've had both, and whilst the slow release allows a constant level to be in your system, the normal type allows me to up the dose if necessary, and that is what I'm using just now. You can take it with or without Paracetamol, but there is a school of thought that taking Paracetamol with it, gives better pain relief. Just make sure that if you do take it with Paracetamol, you keep track of how much you are taking as it is very dangerous to exceed the stated dose of Paracetamol.

It is a synthetic opioid, so you might not get the side effects that regular opioids might give you.

I truly hope that you get your pain to a manageable level, and good luck when you see your Dr.

Take care.


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Thanks for your views , I had tried it years ago but was on other meds as well , and was very ill with side effects , probably because of the different combinations, anyway gonna speak yo my g.p on Thursday next week and try to convince him to let me try it , will let you know how I get on😀

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yes it does, it itches like crazy however I have the answer....

I had to fight like hell to get it changed but you need to get them to swap out your tramadol for:

Tapentadol 50mg modified-release tablets

Tapentadol 50mg tablets

its changed my life, stronger, faster, lil to zero side effects, and addiction level low.

GP's will not tell you about it, they will deny even hearing about it because its a lot more expensive, but you can beat them.

One is slow release through the day, the other is an instant pain relief. I honestly cant tell you hoe much it changed my life!!!!

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Is it available on the NHS in the u.k. Monkiemillin666?

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yes, the NHS in the UK are who deals with me.

My conditions first start when I was American side of the world. there pain meds, while amazing; are very very scarey!!!

I need to go back to the pain clinc twice to get them to force the GP to prescribe it though.

hope that helps


Unfortunately, Tramadol didn't suit me as it gave me a stonking headache but the general aches and pains were quite a bit better. I know others have taken it with good success. I feel anything within reason is worth a try when you are in so much pain just wish it had worked for me.

As others say they are now a bit more reluctant to prescribe it as it is restricted. Hope you get something to take the edge off your pain.x

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Hi again my friend, I have never taken Tramadol but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with getting a suitable pain killer from your GP.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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