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Late after noon/evenings feel really rough whens worst for you

Hi mornings stiff takes time plus may wake with major heads too must be british weather,

Was decent for me yesterday after other day, but come afternoon, teatime and evening omg how rough i want to crawl under a rock.

I am like a temperature gauge too never rite as it sets things off.

Hmmm i sill keep short for change xxx

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i'm like that too hunnie,wasnt too bad through the summer and thought it was because i was pregnant last winter,but have come to terms with it being a flareup due to winter :(.big gentle hugs hun n chin up xx lucy


Morning is deffinately worse for me ... I wake as stiff as a board in pain all over hands curled into fists and red and swollen ... It's a relief to get out of bed then it takes me 2 hours to get my brain and body functioning together.


mornings are worse for me well that is if i wake up. I have never been a morning person always felt rough but woke up this morning feeling brighter but my back has decided to lock up and i am struggling to get around today if it's not one thing it's another lately. never mind i will run a bath and try and mobilise myself. . where is your pain is it widespread my muscles feel raw inside most days.


I wake up not feeling 2 bad...but after I have say about a hour,and not even have done much at all I feel drained and I need a rest!! Been off work nearly 3 weeks now,have had a virus plus all this uncomfortable feelings going through my body,contestant feeling of tingling soreness and as if I have a cold coming (hard to explain)..but feeling pretty crap!..Feel well for a little while then back to feeling crap again! Doctors next tues..


Mornings without a doubt! I am as stiff as a board and in pain from head to foot usually with a banging headache too! Once I have had two cups of tea, sat in my comfy chair I start to "come round". The rest of the day is generally much better and I really come alive late afternoon, evening and night times. . :)