Well done all you lovely people for entering into the panto spirit I feel the curtain call is close

as the mist is rising and everything else! Now give us a Hand a standing oovation will do.

Thank you thank you roses at my door or curly wurlie I am shaw more will follow on other

Fridays Alas I say fairwell may you all enjoy a night of rest sweet dreams dear audiance

Adieu Adieu Manchurian bald headed nit says farewell to all!

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    ...............................Much fun :D

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Ah yes,alas Iam sorry that I didn't make much of a show today as I had an appointment and all the alliteration went over my head,hehe :D.............let's all hold hands and bow down.............here's curly wurlys for everyone...........here you go gins,catch........... :D

  • Ooops. Gins provided the Finger food so she can't catch the curly wurlys. She's fingerless!

  • Cast party my house. Bring your own walking canes and zimmers though.

    I have prepared a nice little selection of finger food. Gins supplied her, oops, I mean THE fingers. Just don't ask her to pass you anything as I don't think she's noticed yet.

    I've cleaned up after Jack's Cow and put his offerings on the rhubarb.Foggy is demanding custard on her's though.

  • As long as the custard is the famous brand, out of a tin with some vanilla paste added, scrumdiddlyumptious :D :D Thanks jilly :-)

    Foggy x

  • Here you go Foggy. I added extra vanilla.

  • Oooooooooww. Thank you so much :D :D

  • Seems like I missed all the fun again, because I haven't had any notification emails I forget to search health Unlocked to see if any one has posted, sounds like you had great fun, I can't even find the post for all the pantomime scenes, not to worry just pleased for all of you and the laughter would have done u good, gentl hugs to all of you....Dee xxx

  • Hi cookie, i`m the same, keep mising all the fun, can anyone help, where do we look for notifications?

  • I shall bringing my own special cucumber sarnies :P

  • Aw so cool jilly :D this is so kind of you I was naughty and brought the wine ;) would you care for a glass?

  • oooh, yes please :-)

  • Sounds like you all had a FAB time :) Here's to the next Christmas cracker you put on !

  • I shall now unmask myself - spin, spin spin... oo-er I'm dizzy.

    they were not sweets and chocolate - they were cleverly disguised fruit and veg alternatives :P

    Yes! I Madama Denteen am really the Tooth Fairy! :D

  • We need to start a list of interested people inthe FUN DAYS

    I will talk to Mdaisy hang on everyone

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