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How do you cope with depression?

I've had this chronic depression for years. I may get the odd few good days but mostly it is there,some days are horrid like today,my brain just goes into this relentless circle of negative thoughts. I try my best to get out of it,tried cognitive therapy (makes it worse), am having counselling,am on anti depressants( been on duloxetine a long time). I exercise every day. I'm seeing my doctor on Thursday to ask if I can change my anti depressant. When I get like his I think life is just not worth carrying on with but I'm too scared to do nothing. This just seems to be another nasty part of fibro. How do the rest of you cope? I'm running out of ideas now and am terrified I am stuck with his for life. Sorry this is such a negative post.

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I think you just answered your own question a change of anti depressants... Even though on ones that do work (mine do ) we still have blips now and again and who wouldn't I wouldn't wish this illness on anyone ... I am typing this from bed and it rare for me to lie on the bed in the daytime but am totally drained today,, and my mood the last couple of days has been less tolerant than I usually am..... I have been on dosulepin 75mg for just over a year and am doing very well compared to the others I ahave tried or going without any

Please try to convey to your gp how you feel ... In the past when I have been very low I took advice from the people on here and wrote down everything before I went and lets the gp read it while I sniffles into a tissue the effect was very positive...

Hope that helps a little VG x


i take 60 mg of Fluoxetine a day (prozac). i've done years of various talking (one to one) and cognitive behavioural and group therapies. presently i'm not seeing anyone professionally though.

trying to focus on what gives my life meaning is most important. some days (weeks/months) i have lost this ability. i find that setting short term goals -- for example food shopping or getting out for a walk -- is helpful to give me a sense of accomplishment. when i've fallen into the pit (very deep depression) there isn't much but Samaritans have been a life saver for me on many occasions.

i have a new gp after moving house and now have no mental health support services in my borough. i'm hoping i won't get in a bad way... just keeping my mind and body busy. taking my meds for sleep is the most important thing i do (my GP is good at giving me meds so at least i've got that) as without sleep there is no way i could function -- the pain is physical as well as mental. it's all tied in. without sleep, my body is completely useless. i can do nothing from the all over pain. i'm sure many of you reading this know what i mean. so try and get your sleep sorted out if it's an issue for you.

x j.


I suffer with depression and have days of complete exhaustion - Falling forward onto my computer usually wakes me up ! I am on 120mg of DULOXETINE daily - and it only takes the edge off my depression. I find it hard to hold a conversation with my wife in the evenings - after being at the office all day. Also my sex life has become non existant due I think to the DULOXETINE. I also get the sweats at times in the morning when getting ready for work. Is anyone else in the same position ?


Hi Teddiesmum43 & Gonzo1 , I too sufer from depression & had severe psychotic episode some years ago. Some medication - even though it works for pain does sometimes not agree with the mind. It is always worth an extra trip to the doctors just to chat about it or your MHT if you go to them. Sex is one of the common bad effects from medication - you might mention that once or twice at the GP maybe there is something that can be given to help stir up some interest again. Sex is an important part of life - a release as well as the hormones produced when we do it........


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