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How do people cope?

I am newly diagnosed so open to things I can do to help myself with brain fog in company, lacking in energy when I have things to do.

It is difficult when my mind just seems to go blank when I'm in company as can't focus on conversation, make sense of my whats going on or think of what to say. I find it very stressful and makes me very anxious and upset. Makes me feel so depressed and worthless.

Plus what do people do to increase their energy levels when needed. Hate not being able to do things I want to or need to do. Seems a cycle that I can't help my depression cause I can't do anything so get more depressed.

Can anyone help?

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Thank you Jules!

Lots of helpful things there for me to check out!

Take care x x


Hi lalsie,

Its nice to meet you. :)

I have ME too and its so hard to get energy when ther is just none there. I have learnt to pace myself as much as i can, but it so hard to get right and somedays i still dont. You need to rest as much as you can and try your hardest not to sleep through the day so you can try and have a propoer bed and sleep routine, harder said than done i know.

You find a load of coping tips and lots of different advice on here, its the best site ever.

Do take any meds to help you?

Dont forget we are always here.

hugs, kel xxxx


Thank you!

The only meds I take are for the pain and the digestive problems I have am on some for depression but they will be changing them soon as they're not working, waiting to see a specialist.


Good luck with the specialist, what specialist will you be seeing?



Apparently he's good with choosing the right anti-depressants for you. Doc is going to try get an appointment next week so I can sort my mood out first before going to clinic for fatigue side of things. x x


Thats goo lalsie let us know how you get on, and good luck. :) xxxx


It was supposed to say good lol xx


hi bless you its ok really we are all the same i often stand there mi conversation and end up silent formages and have to start a new conversation and yes we all feel,like we want to crawl into a corner and not go on that outing and if we do we pay for it badly the next day but you must try to rule fibro not let it rule you jus do what you can when you can and make sure that you talk to your family and friends and tell the about fibro and how it affects you and show them this site or pamphlets and leaflets so they understand a bit more , love to you diddle x


Okay! Guess I need to tell people more about how I suffer. Writing it down is a good idea. Wish me luck! x x


dont give up it can take time for all the meds to sort them selfs out but it will be worth it in the long run.

Being kind to yourself if you need a nap take one if you need to have a bath or what ever do it .

you found a sight that is full of lovely people so welcome xx


Thankyou guys! You've been great. Made me feel so welcome x x


Hi, I have found that exercise on a level to suit you can increase energy levels. On the days you feel good could you take a little walk, but keep it short and then build it up as time goes by. If you do too much to start with you will have a flare up.

The execise will increase endorphines and adrenaline which in the long term will help you. You will be exercising your heart and muscles and you subsequently won't lose muscle bulk.

Depending on how mobile you are could you attempt to swim or attend a Yoga class.

You def need to pace honey as that is the key to pain management. It does take a little while like others say to have a level of understanding of your own body.

Good luck xx

ps, exercise may decrease your depression too. xx


Thankyou! I will do my best to pace things.

I guess I'll have to learn what is too much for me and stop giving myself a hard time.


Hi Lalsie, pleased to meet you through our lovely forum! :) Don't be too hard on yourself, it takes time to adjust at the beginning and to accept changes in your life. Make sure you have meds that help you, I remember at the beginning feeling a bit like a guinea pig trying all the different tablets trying to relieve my symptoms. When your medications are stable you will feel able to manage much better both mentally and physically. As Rach says if you can pace yourself that helps too and you will find you have more energy if you do instead of going flat out and using all your energy in one go. Do you have an M.E./CFS Clinic near where you live - I went to one near me and went on their Pacing Programme, it really helps me. Even when my symptoms are bad, I know it will pass and I can start pacing myself again. We are all here for you and understand how tough it can be at the beginning. :)


I do have one near me which I will be going to but they want me to sort my mood issues out first cause my anxiety and depression are really high. Will they be good with medications as well? Not sure who the best person to discuss them with is. Would it be my G.P. or will I have to do most of the research myself?

Thanks for your help! Overwhelmed by all this support! Is great!



You will get used to it I dont know how we cope, you just have to

and try not to get to down as that makes it worse, sometimes we

say things and what we mean is not what come out of our mouths

I think the tiredness is worse, I still work and I work as a nurse I

dont do the medication anymore as I dont think I am safe doing

it and when I was asked what the medication I had given was I

could not remember the name so not safe.

I was talking to a CPN thats for the mental health, and he told

be that cbt is very good I dont have a lot of faith in that but it

is meant to be very good he said that he used it after his Mum

had died as he went to pieces and it worked for him so who

knows.your doctor has to refer you for that.

As for the pain I think you get used to a bit of it and put up with

it, no one really understands unless they get it as well do they.

Love Viv


You also have to realise that things are never going to be the

same again you will have good days but you have to learn

to do bits and then sit down its very hard but to over do things

just makes you worse.



It is really hard having to come to terms I won't be the same again, cause I thought for once in my life I was happy with what I was doing, now I'm going to have to change it again.

I'm hoping I will do a bit of CBT, have some books about it, another one to work through. Hee hee!

Thats great you can still work, I really want to go back! Been off for way too long! Have work been good with you?


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