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In bed should be chauffering girls. So rough after my Blue badge assessment yesterday

Ohhh laid in bed with time bomb head, everythings an effort so bit tearful and feeling sorry for myself. Pills not working .

Soon as i did the walk in assesssment using my stick my neck and feet legs hurt then sat down after and felt worse!! She offered a wheel chair i said NO i will hold onto my hubby omg my head. I am now in bed as a consequence!

Ohhh boohoooo .. Hubby has offered to come home if i not feeling upto it but i am stubborn lol.

My mum said before she would come and help she lives 10 miles away and has to get a bus.

So i just lay and bat it out as always grrrr lol

My 22yr old daughter covers work Tues n Thurs, so told her i not upto it and in bed, she slept her friends as babysat last night for her,

She said she would come home and help me as we have a dog and 2 kittens, i get another txt her saying she will come home after she had breakfast and a sleep!! Omgoidness me you dont know my daughter i wont see her until this afternoon lol

I am feeling peckish i better drag myself up ;-( xx

O i shall eat my hands haha...

Cannot find remote for TV so stuck on This Morning with Phil and Hollie goodjob i dont mind :-)

I dont have Aerial or Freeview box so had to pinch little daughters and what effort sorting out but cannot find remote, it be hiding in her bed somewhere lol ..

Its cold and windy out so i am informed.

Amazing Fireworks i could see from

My house last nite i will do a blog later xx

Hows everyone doing xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anyone playing out since am prisoner at home haha well atleast it will do my Tendonitis and fluid good in ankle xx

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hi Fairycazzie big hugs for you , you are so brave carrying on with your business whilst so ill. i am sur your marvellous girls will do you proud as always , When will you get the answer to blue badge application ? As for being stubborn my old GP said i am a stoic so you must be too or maybe we are just b minded lol. i have Grandson here but he is asllep in the ct so having a cuppa xx


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