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New diagnosis. Please see below.

I have a new diagnosis, although suspect I have had fibro for many years. I am in constant pain mainly in hands and wrists. I am on amitryptoline, just wondered what the future holds :(

I have palpitations with sinus ventricular tachycardia oh and low blood pressure. Bruise easily and have swollen ankles and fingers.

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hi Clarabella that is what tends to happen to a lot of us, it seems to take a long time for diagnosis. It is hard to say what the future holds as our illnesses seem to vary in degree with different ad ons such as ibs thou many of us share @ least some symptoms . It means we can understand how you feel and can offer support . Warm hugs x


Thank you irisjoy, I am worried about the future:( but will keep soldiering on. I take loads of supplements and do eat a good diet. Warm hugs to you too. (especially when it is so cold) xx


Please be careful when taking any supplements and speak to your GP first, as they can have serious, potentially fatal side effects when taken with our daily meds.

Please have a word with your GP about this just to be on the safe side as these supplements could actually be making you feel worse.


i too have vitamin d deficiancy and suffer low blood pressure i have been unwell for many years at first was being treated for ra then a couple of monthsago i was told i had fibro also when i get a flare up like ive just had for the last 2 weeks my ankles feet,wrists and hands sweel iknow how you feelits quite a scary illness because you just dont know whats coming next but i have found coming onto sites like this one and reading other peoples experiances and how they cope has been a tremendouse help i hope it isfor you to,all the very best x


I get awful pain in my hands and wrists, makes me feel sick! so I really feel for you. I take Gabapentin for mine but although I assume its helping how do you know? I hope things ease for you soon.


Hello Clarabella, no-one can possibly predict how you will be in the future with your Fibromyalgia, it is really an unknown science in this respect. You may improve, you could even go into what we call remission and be symptom free for a period or ad infinitum, or you could worsen. No-one can say for sure because no-one actually knows.

The best thing to do is to ensure you have the best meds to help you manage your symptoms, that you get sufficient rest and restorative sleep, that you don't overdo it, that your pain is well controlled, a healthy diet etc, a bit of gentle exercise when you can manage it, those sort of things.

If you do everything you can to help you manage your Fibro and other conditions, that's the best thing you could possibly do to help you continue to manage it well.

If your condition changes at all, please be sure to mention this to your GP to ensure you get the best possible care and meds etc to help you manage etc. Fibro can change and evolve and sometimes we stay on the same old meds when there are other meds that would suit us better at this point, or we may need to increase or decrease our doses, it is important to keep our Doctors in the picture.

Hope this helps. Here's a hug for you, take care. (((hug))) xx


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