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Cystitis and thrush problems

Hi everyone I am new to this forum. I have had fibro for 2 years, all most to the date I went into a remission for about 2 months! as you can imagine I thought it had gone and was boasting about how well I was when bam it game back with full force. I got a reversal of my usual IBS symptoms from constipation to constant mucus splitting headache thrush cystitis as well as the pain and fatigue.

Does anyone else suffer with urinary problems cystitis and thrush? I get this frequently now.

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Hi, Sorry to depress you, but I have had chronic cystitis symptoms for the last 25 +years, initially, i was given long term antibiotics to help, which always resulted in me having thrush! Somewhere along the way, my urine tests started coming back normal, but I had all the symptoms of cystitis, then the thrush swabs started coming back normal, but I have all the symptoms of thrush! I have had stretches of my urethra, and freezing and cauterizing of my womb, along with every test for stds etc,( all negative ) but nothing works! At 46, I can not have a sexual relaitonship with my husband, as this always makes me really ill, and feel really terrible about this. I am constantly told that my body just makes excess discharge, reacts the way it does, for no reason! I now always carry cysteme(over the counter product) or similar with me as it seems to calm me down a little, so to speak. Hope you manage to find an answer , and if so, please let me know , Thanks P.S. I have also had irritable bowel for about 20+ years too, with constant constipation, was finally diagnosed with fibro nearly 3 year ago


Hi Kathleen, thanks for the prompt reply. I also have had a few courses of anti biotics which have helped in the past and yes my tests keep coming back negative. I am 51 still sexually active but the symptoms are much worse afterwards although I risk it as have lost too much to loose this too, my partner is very sympathetic in this respect and never puts his needs first. I will get some cysteme to try. Thanks so much for your comment.


Hi again

,I too have a very understanding partner, which sometimes makes me feel worse!, we have only been married since 2006, and he loves me so much, but this gets me down as I cant even be close to him, I sometimes think he deserves some one better! There are various names for the powders I mentioned, but dont buy them in the chemist because they cost about £5 per pack! They sell them in poundland and wilkinsons and some supermarkets for only £1 per pack, the name varies slightly but always starts with cy....... , hope these help, x


cymalon is another over the counter product. its cranberry extract, you use 2-3 drops in a glass of water 2/3 times a day at first signs of cystitis symptoms. it lasts a long time and usually stops it developing for me. cranberries in any form are good for it. including cranberry juice if you can drink it. hope you both get top side of this pretty distressing condition


they say yoghurt is good for thrush but i use canestan cream for vaginal thrush. if its an oral one caused by antibiotics or prednisolone for chest infections etc my doc gives my nystatin oral drops to use on my tongue and mouth generally.


hi Kathleen,

sorry your suffering, but i have to say also that i started with major water infections 15 year ago that were never ending for months and months constantly on atibiotics and then when it eased off i still to this day every month before my menstrual get nasty infection and i just take my pain relief.

On recommendation though Canestan for Thrush (i am not a medical profession it is experience of my own and working in a pharmacy for 8yrs) always consult a Medical profession or pharmacy 1st!

drinking plenty of Cranberry and water,

cymalon as above has mentioned also is really good.

please seeeGp though if really troublesome with water infections as antibiotics may be required ..

Pay attention to when it is happening too as even with intercourse afterwords can be quite bad, so making sure straight to cleanings (sorry to be personal) but mine was a lot to do with this .

there thats my formal bit done hehehe but really hope it does ease off for you as it is uncomfortable and has a physcological effect too as it can get you down, i was actually working in pharmacy when mine all started so had everything to hand and a GP who would come and bring me what i needed as knew suffered a lot.

Mucus again drink plenty and go to pharmacy or gp.. i suffer a lot with saliva if i touch Alcholol no idea why. Take note when your Mucus is at its worst.

i have become intolerant now to allll the lovely wines i once loved and the carribean vodka :-( i drink one drink only now and have a glass a night i never have more than 2 though as the medication will interact.

I have a very healthy liver thankfully as i had a CT scan prior to an op just to check (cheeky flamers thought i drank a lot i guess) and instead i am apparently 'disgustingly healthy inside' so i have no shame in saying i have a glass a night ...like the saying an apple a day keeps the Dr away lol .

All the best and hope something works!! helps relieve the symptoms as it is frustrtaing xxxxx


Hi everyone thanks so much for your helpful comments and advice, my partner is just off to shop for some of the products mentioned. Hope to blog again soon with results and with any help I can offer anyone else.


Oh yes alcohol intolerant as well especially wine. Last xmas I had a few too many and I was ill for over a week!! so I mean never ever again, this xmas I will be vigilant to well meaning offers of a drink, its just not worth it. In fact I stopped going out after that time and now go out only occassionally usually for just a couple of hours have no more than 3 drinks and still need to spend a couple of days in bed to recover!!


I too am alcohol intolerant, i used to drink every weekend when I was younger, however the last 2 times I have had anything to drink, I thought I was dying it was so horrible,it took me all weekend to recover and I decided i cant put myself through all of that again, hence, I no longer touch a drop, I never go out and my social life is non existent. I can never make arrangements anyway, as I never know how I am going to feel


Thanks for your post I've had thrush problems for about 2 years on n off had no idea it could be related to my fibro I'm on flucozanole once a week now!!!


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