Sleeping problems with duloxetine GP has recently put me on 30mg duloxetine 2 times daily for relieving the symptoms of fibro. I haven't really slept well since being diagnosed 8 months ago, but since taking these tablets im hardly sleeping at all. Ive been taking them nearly a month now and I'm totally exhausted all the time. Has anyone else had these problems?

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  • well i can sympathise with the no sleeping toally i am the same but on diffrerent meds to you but have been on those and they did not help me sleep either i was on 3 x amitriptiyne a night few weeks ago should have been knocked out but they did not work either so gp dropped me back down to one and still sllepp avoids me or what you would call slleeep lol perhaps go to see your gp to discuss another option to try i have tried nearly all the meds lol love diddle x

  • Hi Jools, I take 60mg of duloxetine a day and started off taking them at night. Although I don't sleep much anyway I found I was worse on these tablets and when I spoke to the mental health nurse she told me to take them in the morning instead as one of the side effects is insomnia. Maybe speak to your GP and see if he has any objection to you trying it once a day and in the morning instead of a split dose. I think we all feel exhausted most of the time anyway so anything that takes sleep away from us is not good. Take care, Angela xx

  • Thanks everyone..ill speak to my GP and suggest taking them in the morning...yawn..Jools x

  • Hey jools, i am from cumbria too lol. xxxx

  • Hello jazher! small world isnt it!


  • That's strange because I was prescribed Duloxetine as my specialist said they would help with my insomnia ( as well as the Fibro ) . They actually made it much worse and gave me the shakes and awful crawling sensation under my skin and I just felt light headed and spaced out on them.

    I only took them for a few weeks before asking my GP to take me off them. Believe it or not , the pain was better than the weird feeling they gave me.

  • Oops, pressed submit by mistake !

    I was going to say I wish there was just one pill that would deal with the main symptoms because I hate taking different tablets . Every one I'm prescribed has some side effect and some of them are worse than the original problem . I don't tolerate meds well , most upset my stomach or make me dizzy . At the moment I'm surviving on Ibuprofen and paracetemol but try not to take them every day . In between I just suffer .



  • hi there,

    I was on 90 mg of Duloxetine for over a year, it never helped my pain and infact it became worse, I am now on Citalapran and feel a lot better already. Sleeping better too.

  • I believe that Duloxetine increases both Seratonin and Adrenaline so it's not surprising that sleep is almost impossible on this drug. Of course, the doctors don't tell you that.


  • Thanks everyone...I'm waiting to speak to my GP and ill try to swap them to talking them in the morning. Its strange.. I'm not having any dreams as I used to, so I'm obviously not getting any deep sleep.

  • due to start this med soon, many thanks for the info

  • Hi, i take 90mg of duloxetine and take them all in the morning together, it does not really help with the pain but they do help me sleep a bit better,

  • I also take my duloxetine in the morning as they are to lift my mood I would sleep worse if I took them at night I have been on them for yrs for my depression and have always been told to take them in the morning I hope you see your GP soon and get it sorted it is bad enough not being able to sleep due to FB so having meds that make that worse is terrible hope you get it sorted sonn


    Penny xx

  • Swapping from Duloxetine to Amitriptyline improved both my mood and my sleep. I even managed to ditch Zopiclone, which I had been on for years. Still need the diazepam though - wish i could ditch that.

  • I have just been prescribed duloxetine 30 mg but scared to take it.

    I have had it before but only 20mg.

    I have been sleeping much better of late so I don't want to upset that, Heavens no!

    I can't remember what side effects I had with it before and there is nothing recorded in my notes, typical useless old doc.

    I asked the doc when should I take this drug, "morning he said"

    Hope things improve for us all soon.

    I hate taking drugs, you don't know where you are with them.

    Hugs to all x

  • Duloxetine is a drug made by the Eli Lily company. It is sold under the trade name of Cymbalta. According to a summary published in the journal "Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics," duloxetine may be useful in several medical conditions. These disorders include depression, anxiety and pain. Cymbalta is a safe and effective medication. Yet it can change both sleep quality and sleep quantity. Know more here

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