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Morning all ............Tuesday and another fine day I hope. I find myself still troubled with eyes that

Dont want to stay open. Yes fallin asleep again. The pregablin dose helps me at night bur obviously is still in my system some 9.5 hours later, so I sit here battling the effects to sleep or wake and get on with the days doings. I could actually go back to bed.//////but it seems such a waste of a day. So apart from match sticks what

can I do? I reckon I cut back by one tablet.

It seems so trivial but I hate this I want my senses back - never brilliantly clever or any thing but I manage to get by.


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Morning Gins my eyes are like that this morning possibly from sitting at the pc without my 'special'...........wait for it. glasses with tinted lenses in LOLOLOL

All the frivolities of yesterday will still take its toll just not in the same way as physically doing it.............for instance if you laughed as much as I did yesterday...........I'm aching this morning.............still chuckling too! :D

You could try the old slices of cucumber trick or the cold spoon trick to liven the skin around the eyes....after a night on the tiles....................I would do that before going to work!!! hahahahah ;)

How much pregabalin are you taking? I take 200 in the morning and 200 in the evening and it doesn't make me sleepy :o

Tramadol on the other hand does!...........hence my tramasnoozes ;)

Weird how we're all the same yet different huh!?

xxxzebxxx many rosemary and eucalyptus oil fluffies to help stimulate your mind and wake up your senses :)


Hi zeb. I'm new to the site and newly diagnosed. Can I be really dim and ask what a fluffy is? x


Fluffies are cuddles that help ease the pain and sadness. All virtual like when you say big hugs to someone

There are fluffy cuddles, fluffy cuddle couches, cushions, fluffies for snuggling and my new top of the range recliners which are also programmed to omit lovely scents of your choosing.

Imagine reclining in pure fluffy softness whilst smelling sweet vanilla, musky lavender or cheeky chocolate?!

Which would you choose? what scents would you like and what would be your colour of choice?



Oh, that's lovely.Now I know what they are I'm sending a grateful one to you for explaining. My colour of choice would be a sage green one with a fresh herby smell x


on their way to you :D x


Thanks my dear I am still building the pregabalin I am at 75 at night and 25 am but if Ian so useless I suppose it is that . Unless it doesnt like else I take at night. I am puzzled. :(



hmmmmmn odd :o did the doc say to take the doses like that, I thought it would have been 50/50 heheh :o .......... puzzled also :o

Anyhoo! as long as you take the doses 12 hours apart you can take it when it suits you

For instance, I take mine at 9am and 9pm because I have other meds to take 12 hourly. I chose this time rather than the time I normally get up because sometimes I sleep in heheh! not often but I do LOL so it lessens the chance of it wearing off before the next dose.

I have tramadol that does make me sleep so I take that an hour before going to bed :)

hope this helps with the confusion


are you still with me or have I sent you to sleep ;)


Morning gins! Hope you are recovering from yesterday's frivalties.I can't believe that I missed out on the choccy fountain with curly Wurly pieces! Darn :( anyways,whenever I feel like you have described I just have to give into it and have a bead day.Couldn't you just have say half a bed day? Last week was bad for me as every day was a bed day which I hate and I also feel like it is such a waste as well :(


Zeb you sent me scurrying to the cupboard yes they are 25mg . May be it is just me! Perhaps I should just go back to bed!

Thanks Haribo a half bed day is good !



yeah! go for it you obviously need it xxxzebxxx


Hi gins I take gabapentin and have been told its the same as pregbalin, and it takes a time or your ody to get use o it, I'm on 300 at night and 200 lunchtime, he told me not to take it in the morning as I take sertralin and the both would make sleepy, she also said that I was to take it with food and try to keep myself occupied so that the sleepyness passes over , maybe you were just having a sleepy morning, go with the flow as they say, hope u are feeling better, sending you gentle warm hugs...Dee xx


Morning Gins, I would go and have some sleep for a couple of hours. Hopefully it might make you feel a little better for the rest of the day. Have a rest it will do you good.

gentle hugs

Tannels x


Morning/afternoon gins, after all your dashing about yesterday, I'm not surprised you are shattered, round the world in under 24 hrs, that's going it some by anyone's standards, and we all had such a good time.

I am taking a morning in bed, and think you should rest up for most of the day.

Rather like zeb, I'm a bit muddled by the way your doses of pregabalin are split, normally it is 50/50, but I was only on it for a short time before I couldn't take it any more, so I may be wrong. Perhaps have a word with your GP and see what he thinks.

Am sending you lots and lots of healing thoughts and vibes, take it easy gins and hopefully you will feel better very soon. :-) :-)

Foggy x


I am taking 12.5 ambien at night. I have a sleeping disorder and have had for years. I've had four sleep studies and it showed a glitch in my cerebellum. That's why I couldn't go to sleep and if I did, I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep. I've had this since childhood. Usually, one has fallen or get's hit in the head with something to have this issue. I have fibromyalgia, also. I was diagnosed in 1998. Sometimes, it's debilitating. However, I am taking Gabapentin 300 twice a day for pain. Not sure how long my doctor will prescribe this for me. But, for now, I'm getting relief. I think stress is the main culprit with fibromyalgia.