Why is it that I can never find my replies , are u not getting them, I have joined in and answered many blogs

Why is it that I answer many blogs and join in any conversations but can never find them after, I always make sure that the submit actually does submit before I leave, plzz someone tell me here I am going wrong I do enjoy reading your blogs everyday, and reading the banter that goes on it mak my day, gentle hugs to all..Dee xx

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  • Hi Dee,

    Yes we do see your blogs and replies. If you want to find them, go to the top right hand bit of the Home page, and click on your name. It will offer you the option of 'recent activity' and you will see a list of all your posts and blogs.

    Hope this helps, and if you have any more problems, just let us know! :)

    Moffy x

  • Yup we can see you fine .... Caught you posting on gins post this morning ....when I was pointing out she had her badge on upside down :)

    VG x

  • we see you you are not invisible :) does that help the more you join in the better xgins

  • I is invizable. Tooo lol. Better take this damn cloak off I suppose

  • where did you get the cloak? It may come in very handy!


  • I think its a Klingon cloaking device ... Multz choi chu!!!!!

    VG the multi lingual

  • Hi Dee

    Yes you have been seen, I sent you a reply earlier on today. Take heart we are all here

    Lyndia x

  • thank you all so much for all your replies, had a rough patch and went to bed kept doxing on and off, the reson i asked is because I could never where they were incase u had answered them, i never was much good at finding my way around these things lol, but thanx to all you \i have sorted out where i go for them my profile so to speak, ooh i am an idiot arent I lol hugs to you all,and thanx xxx

  • see cant even spell do opologise for mispelling lol i'll blame ir on fibro fog, which i think is doing its worst today xx

  • Coming in loud and clear! xx

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