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I really need to see my GP to get a sick it's for work but the only way to get an appointment this week is to ring at 8am! I am having problems sleeping till the wee small hours so with all the best intentions in the world I do not see 8am. I am vaguely aware of the OH saying goodbye and that's it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I slept of the sofa last night so that I would be awake at 8am. At 7.40, OH brought me coffe, I put it down to cool - and yep you guessed it - I woke up again at 10.25 doh! I'll just have to set about 10 alarms for tomorrow!

Storm x

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Hi storm. I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble. I'm exactly the same! Lol. Has your surgery got an online appointments system? It would be worth trying, it's so much easier. Why don't you ask your surgery?

Take care

Love and huggles

Chilli xxx


Hi Chilli :-) thanks for your reply. They do have an online system but guess who left all the log in details at work lol. On saying that I've never got an online appointment in the same week!

Sorry you have difficulty sleeping too. I have started listening to hypnosis clips on YouTube, on my iPhone. The best one was by a very well known hypnotherapist (I can't name cos might get in trouble) although I wake up at the end briefly I usually drift off again :-)

Storm x


Yes, we have the same system at our surgery. I have my OH trained to get an appointment for me as I have the issues with waking in the morning. He is really quick on that redial button! I can be awake half the night but completely out of it when I need to be up and about so if I have an early appointment I need him to threaten the cold flannel treatment too ;-) I usually book an appointment four weeks ahead anyway now because I know that by that time I will need to see my GP about something anyway. I am sure they will soon send me a bill for wearing out the carpet! Take care. Jane x


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